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Stacey - posted on 03/10/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hey everyone, I need ideas to give my husband for things to do with the kids, mostly at home. He prefers to be home on the weekend to spend time with the kids rather than go anywhere. If we go anywhere, it's all 4 of us together. He tends to just pop the tv on and wants to watch movies with our 3 year old, but the learning/physical activity can't be on me all the time! I think he just needs some ideas. I don't mind him watching movies with the kids, but when that's nearly all he does, it's frustrating. Any tips? Neither of us really like to play toys with him, so I don't expect DH to just sit down and play toys since I don't want to do that either, but when you're home all day with kids, you think of a lot of stuff to keep them entertained, crafts, etc. He has ideas of things he wants to do with DS, like he wants to take DS camping, and teach him to use a gokart, and lots of other stuff like that but that's mostly stuff he can only do with our son, and not our daughter. She's only 10 months. Any ideas would help! When I get alone time I have to leave the house, and I do, so that's not the problem, just trying to help DH figure out ways to connect with his kids besides watching TV.


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Erin - posted on 03/12/2012




I haven't read the other posts so I don't know what has been mentioned. I do this with me 2 year old and my 8 month old. I get a bunch of pots and pans, empty coffee cans, buckets, boxes, and some plastic spoons and spatulas from the kitchen. I turn the radio on and we all just play "drums" It gets pretty loud but it is so much fun.

He could build forts (or tunnels to crawl through) in the living room with blankets, pillows and couch cushions.

Gabrielle - posted on 03/12/2012




My husband will watch scooby or bob the builder with our son and daughter. He also has a big shop out in the back where he is working on his 72 chevy truck and our sons 72 truck. The kids go out there and play or every1 goes to the back yard and plays on the swing set and in the dirt. It should be something that the kids want to do so they will stay intertained. We get these boxes of crafts from walmart and the kids love them. You can make all kinds of things.

Jenna - posted on 03/12/2012




At that age, playing with toys is one of the strongest ways to bond, even if it's just passing a ball back and forth by rolling it, which even the 10-month-old is capable of doing. Legos are great, and even a 10-month-old can play with Legos, just get the Lego Duplo designed for younger kids and babies (because of choking hazard with the smaller Legos--these are too big to swallow) or get the big Megablocks designed for babies and toddlers. A 3-year-old generally isn't ready for regular Legos either and need the bigger kind because they are easier to manipulate.

Dads are usually great with outdoor time--going to the park and pushing the kids on the swing, throwing a ball around with them outside, or kicking a ball outside with them, etc.

Another thing dads are great with and is especially bonding for dads and young kids is wrestling. If he's gentle, even the 10-month-old can get in on this and it will all evolve into tons of giggles for both kids. My husband can often be found on the floor wrestling with all five of our kids, 11-month-old baby included. Even the dog gets in on the fun!

My husband likes to bake cookies, so he will involve the kids in that too--letting them pour the ingredients that he's already measured into the mix, etc. Then eating them fresh out of the oven together with milk is the really fun part.

We like to have dance parties too where my husband picks music and they dance to it. It's never boring, silly kid music, it's always something he likes that's clean--like golden oldies (Beach Boys, Beatles, etc.), or country (like Should've Been a Cowboy by Toby Keith) or even just the Phineas and Ferb soundtrack (if you don't know that Disney show--Google it and get the soundtrack, it's a lot of fun!). The 11-month-old LOVES dancing with Dad to this music.

And your husband CAN do all those things with his son to bond exclusively with him while you and baby girl have some girl time and then as she gets older, she can join in the fun too. Establish the habit and pattern of doing those things with the oldest and then when the younger one gets old enough, it will come more naturally to just include her.

Good luck! Glad your husband wants to be motivated to do more with his kids!

Tameka - posted on 03/11/2012




Lego! Lego is great for all ages (except for babies, of course). Build things together and talk about the process as you're building.

Balloons. It isn't hard to blow up a couple of balloons and hit them around the room. Children love balloons and it is a virtually effortless activity for parents. How hard is it to reach out and tap a balloon in the air? Be creative and draw some silly faces on them with permanent markers.

Simon says. Another effortless game. Parent sits on the couch and child does all the work. I love playing this game with my girls when I'm too sick to do anything else. A great game to bond and interact with each other.

Touching. I often sit on the couch with my children (one at a time) my my lap and dance my fingers up and down their arms and legs singing nonsense songs. I occasionally stop to tickle them then keep going. Another bonding game.

Go for a walk. Small children walk much slower than adults so this is a virtually effortless thing to do. Walk at their pace and discuss things along the way. A great way for small children to explore the world. I only ever go for a walk around the block so it is finished in around 10-15 mins.

Teach simple drawing techniques. Show your child how to draw horizontal and verticle lines and circles with big, gestural arm movements. Must add sound effects! The more fun it sounds the more likely you are to see your child wanting to be involved. As a teacher I see many children who start school and don't know how to draw the most simplest of lines.

Learn the alphabet. It is dead simple to sit down with your child's back on your chest, a note pad on their lap and write out the letters of the alphabet. As you write, ask them what it is. If they get it wrong, correct them, ask again until they get it right. Once they do move on to the next one. If I can teach my two year old to read the alphabet it isn't a hard task!

Draw shapes in a black pencil/crayon and ask your son to name it and colour them in. Two minutes of work and then sit back while your little one creates a masterpiece!

Colours! Sit together and Daddy ask questions about colours. Such as "what colour is the tv?" "What colour is the carpet?" Correct when wrong then move on. Great for building their vocabulary and learning their colours. I do this with my 2 year old and she now knows her primary, secondary and tertiary colours. Little children love to learn, we just have to teach them. And it is very easy!!

Read. Get your son to grab a few books and sit down together. Reading is incredibly important for small children. This is an activity that can start from birth so no one misses out. Once you are finished with those books, get your son to put them away and grab a few more. You are teaching your son to clean up after himself (a valuable life lesson!) and giving him critical literacy skills.

Ok, I'm going to stop now otherwise I'll be here all day. Good luck! There are millions of activities your husband and son can do together, you've just got to be creative.

Crystal - posted on 03/10/2012




He can play catch (with soft-squishy ) ball indoors...color or draw ... play with playdough? As for with your 10 month old...singing, blocks, rolling the ball. Turn on his taste in music and dance?? but ...out of curiosity, why don't you like to sit and "play toys" with your kids?

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