if the boot was on the other foot...

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if you were the family breadwinner and dad stayed home... what things would you expect done when you got home from work?


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Kelina - posted on 04/22/2012




My kids to be alive and my house still standing. I'd love dinner on the table but it wouldn't matter too much to me. AS it is, I'd love my laundry to be folded and put away and my kitchen to get cleaned right after dinner but i'm finding that I just don't have the energy lately. Besides that, I can't lug the laundry up and down the stairs anymore lol.

Stifler's - posted on 04/22/2012




He doesn't expect anything. I just do things because that's what I'd like done if I came home after work.

Michelle - posted on 04/22/2012




My husband doesn't "expect" certain things to be done so I wouldn't "expect" him to do things. He's a smart man and knows what needs to be done and we are equal when it comes to dvision of chores anyway.

Stifler's - posted on 04/22/2012




I would expect him to have the laundry done and folded, dinner at least organised if it's not cooked (i have his ready on the plate when he walks in most days), and all rubbish in the bin. I would hate to come home to crap everywhere.

Bonnie - posted on 04/22/2012




I would expect the same things that I do. Although my husband doesn't outright tell me that he expects certain things to get done, I am home, so why shouldn't they get done really (in between caring for the kids that is).

Happy - posted on 04/22/2012




My children to be happy and the house to be standing. Nothing more than that! If there is more done, then GREAT! But as a SAHM for 10 years, I know that I can have the house clean from top to bottom, hot dinner on the table, kids clean and looking nice, go to the bathroom to pee, come out and the house look like I had done NOTHING all day, food in the garbage and on the celing, kids look like they haven't had a bath in weeks, and the house look like I hadn't swept or mopped al year! And of course, that's exactly the time that my spouse walks in the door! LOL

Katherine - posted on 04/20/2012




Everything! Everything they expect. Clean house, kids in order, dinner on the table, laundry done etc.....I'm mean lol.

[deleted account]

I would at least want my son to be clean, fed, and at least food on the table. The cleaning I am not to fond because I am very picky.

[deleted account]

I would expect him to do everything I do.

Dinner should be planned or cooked (our son's schedule changes the meal time a lot, I would not expect him to make dinner for me then have to rush off to take J somewhere and not get to eat himself).

He would be in charge of taking J to school and other activities and appointments, and picking him up.

He would do the required volunteering at J's school and other activities, and he would do my community volunteer work. He would choose avenues more fitting to his strengths, abilities, and liking, but I believe EVERY family should volunteer and give back to their community in some way on a fairly regular basis.

He would be in charge of all of the shopping--food, household supplies, appliances, sporting equipment, clothing....though here he might luck out. I buy Dh's clothes for him, he uses a tailor with his measurements on file and I just pick fabrics, ties, and suit styles. He's not picky. I, on the other hand, am VERY picky, so I doubt I'd trust my wardrobe to him even if I did work outside the home. I also doubt I'd trust him with the furniture and decorating.....he's got odd tastes.

He would be in charge of laundry, hand washing, dry cleaners, and regular washing, folding and putting away.

He would be in charge of the house cleaning. Right now, my husband does none of the cleaning because I want his time here to be spent doing quality activities with J, so I would expect the same if I were away all day.

Landscaping is a bit difficult. Dh does it now, even though he works, because he loves doing it. I CAN NOT do yard work. I mess it up every time, everything dies, and I can't start the edger thing--you have to pull this zip cord thing and I'm too small to pull it far enough, and even if my arm was longer, I'm not strong enough, though I guess I'd get stronger....

Denikka - posted on 04/20/2012




We currently have a pretty even trade in my household. I would expect about the same if I were going to work with a few exceptions.

Right now, I do 99% of the cooking. Hubby will sometimes get breakfast made (either cereal or bacon and eggs). That is mostly because hubby can't cook worth beans along with the fact that I'm home all day. I usually have dinner ready for him or close to it when he gets home. If he was staying home, I'd expect him to learn how to cook.

I do most of the laundry. Hubby occasionally throws a load of clothes in or transfers them either from the washer to the dryer or from the dryer to the bedroom. I also do most of the folding. I would expect him to take over most of that duty too.

I do most of the tidy up work. I pick up throughout the day, sweep the floor, vacuum, etc. I also do the majority of the dishes and 99% of the kitchen/dining room clean up.

As for the kids, I do most of that too. Hubby is pretty good about bum changes when he's home, but I do all bath times and all bedtimes.

Now, how much I do depends on what job hubby does. The kitchen is my domain, so I'm absolutely fine with taking care of that (although I wouldn't mind if other people wanted to rinse off their own dishes every once in a while :P) But other than that, it really depends. If he's at a desk job, then I generally expect him to help out more when he gets home. Mostly with picking up, sweeping, that sort of thing. If he's at a more demanding job (like now), then I expect less.

I do chores like laundry and dishes as I go along during the day, so there's not a huge list of things that need to be done in the evenings when he's home.

I think, were I working, I would expect some dishes to be done during the day (we have a dishwasher so no biggy) a load of laundry (about every other day), dinner to be ready or cooking and some general tidy up to have been done during the day. And of course the kids taken care of. Which is about what I do. Then we split the rest when we're both there.

Michelle - posted on 04/19/2012




I would expect that my children have been fed and were happy.

I would also like for dinner to be either ready or at least started :-) My husband doesn't "expect" certain things to be done, only that the kids are looked after really. Anything else is a bonus :-)

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