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Tarsha - posted on 01/15/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




hello, i have a 6 1/2 month old who breast feeds and bottle confused about breastfeeding, does he get all the milk in 5min? i usually put him on the breast until he wants a bottle about 5-10min then he will drink about 100mls, he was only put on formula because it was suggested by child and youth services as he wasnt gaining weight, i express about 40mls from both breasts occasionally..i just wanted to know if he can get all the milk in 5min or does it take longer? some people say leave him on the breast for at least 20min each side.

Also when the let down happens and he is finished on one side how come i cant feel the letdown on the other side?

thanx any comments advice would be grateful, i have 3 older boys but i only fed them for a couple of months so this is the longest ive breastfed and i want to continue until hes one..thankyou


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I don't always feel the let down, but I know that he gets it because of the way my breast feels, from firm to soft. In the beginning the doctor told me to keep him on the breast for the 20 min, but my my son (9 months) would be completely finished with both breasts in about 14 min ever since he was born. My son drinks faster on a bottle, since there is no let down time. If you are low on milk, try to leave him at your breast if he will stay there. As long as he is healthy and not loosing weight you should be fine. Around 8 months is when my son stopping gaining weight real quickly, I would just look out for the weight gain.


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You wouldn't imagine the self-regulators they are at this age. And I agree with an earlier post, as time has gone on, he's become quite effective at getting exactly what he wants/needs. He's a pro!

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My daughter is 16 months now and no longer breastfeeds, but she was breastfed exclusively (other then solid food) until 13 months and she could eat in like 5 mins. I wondered about it too but her weight gain was always so good that the Dr. said that if anyone ever tried to tell me that I wasn't breastfeeding right don't listen to them. So yes, from my experience an experienced breastfeeder can get all they need in 5 minutes.

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Another good thing to do would be to ask your pediatrician for a referral to a lactation consultant. They would be able to help you with these issues since they are experts in it. The best way to help your little guy gain weight is for him to get hind milk, not just the watery thirstquencher foremilk that comes out first. But a lactation consultant would be able to help you figure that timing out as well as when your letdown is happening. La Leche League can also be a good resource. Sounds like you are doing a great job breastfeeding the little guy! Keep at it and don't be afraid to keep asking for help with it. It's not easy, but, as you know, sooo worth it!!!

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you may letdown 3 times or more during each feeding and you won't always feel it & your milk lets down on both sides at the same time. let him nurse for as long as he wants don't worry about timing it when you notice him slowing down a lot then switch sides it doesn't matter if its been 5 minutes or 20. my son used to take a while but now if he is really hungry he can empty both sides in like 5-8 minutes but other times will eat 20 or 30 minutes. try pumping, eating oatmeal, & drink plently of water to increase your supply. good luck :)

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We used a baby weigh scale to find out exactly how much our daughters were getting per feeding. The scale is so sensitive that it would literally tell us to the ml or ounce how much the baby got. The trick is to be sure and weigh them directly before and directly after so they're wearing the same thing- that way there's no weight differential.

Both my daughters would fluctuate between nursing 3-4 minutes or nursing up to 15-20 minutes. It just depended on the time of day, or their mood, or a possible growth spurt...

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My baby seemed to get her fill in about 5-10 min. as well. Do you breastfeed first and then bottle? Does he drink the bottle right after you breastfeed? If he is taking the bottle then he obviously isnt getting enough breastmilk. You can build up your supply by pumping right after he finishes breastfeeding, its annoying but thats what I did so I wouldn't have to feed her every two hours.

The only time she seems to nurse longer is at night when shes taking her time and maybe playing a little. During the day its 10 min. (total) and shes done.

As for letdown, I felt it in both breasts until about 7 months old and now I dont feel it at all. I think maybe its different for every woman.

But, by all means, keep checking in with your doc. about your sons weight gain, they will have the best advice.

Jackie - posted on 01/15/2010




At 6 months is very possible he is getting all he needs in 5 minutes. The breast does NOT work the same way as a bottle. The older a child gets the more effective they are at nursing. It is normal not to let down on the other side. Some women let down on both sides at the same time. Other women only let down on the side the baby is actually nursing from. Don't go by what you express even the best pumpers can't get as much as any baby gets. If you truely want to know how much he is getting you can take him to the doctors.... have him weighed, nurse and weigh again right away. It must be a baby scale to do this since they are so sensitive.

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