im looking for some adives on some topics

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first my daughter was kinda on a schedule like shed wake up at 9:30 and nap time was still kinda ify and we were trying to finda a good time that worked for both of us and shed so back to bed at 9:30 10 o'clock that worked for us cuz she likes staying up at night and i dont realyl like the mornigs so her sleeping in was esaer for me and her but now she stays up till like 2 am and sleeps till like 11 am and i dont know why or how to get her back to it or if shell go back her slef and its just a fase

second my daughter hate when i wash her hair even if i keep the water out of her eyes or we play games and i try to make it fun or not even make a big deal about it to try to trink her in to leting me do it with out a fight she gose so far and trying to dump the water one the floor

third im think of going back to school and im still trying to wean her off of the breast but she not to thrilled w. that any adive on makeing it easyer


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1.      Where do you want to go to shcool? is it something that you want to do from home?  If so I know someone you can call and talk to. I just got into the University of Phoenix. I start work shops Wednesday.

2.       Try just going on with her schedule the way that you would when she was on one. I would do her nap about noon 1pm and then put her to bed when you would usally put her to bed. If she wakes up in the night just leave her. She will be okay. If she ends up sleeping over 9 in the morning wake her up. She will eventully end back up on that schedule

3.       For you daughter's hair problem......I really don't know. My daugher is okay with me washing her hair.

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Hi Samantha,

I have some small advice about 2 out of your 3 questions.  The sleeping schedule...I know you don't like mornings, but it's actually good for your daughter to get up early.  There are several reasons why.  One, if you let her get up early now, it will make it easier in the future for when she is having to get up early for school.  Also, the earlier she gets up in the morning, the earlier she will go to bed at night.  I am definitely NOT a morning person, never have been.  So when we were trying to get our 16 month old son down to a fairly regular routine, we also had to consider our sleep.  What it boiled down to for us is that, as much as we both dislike getting up at 7am (sometimes earlier, sometimes later)....doing this means that our son will be ready for bed around 7-8pm and rarely wakes in the night.  Which is more important to you?  That you get to sleep in a few extra hours in the morning?  Or that your daughter is down for the night at a decent hour?  As for the naps, we have always just gone on our son's clues as to when he is ready for one.  Most days, we find that if he wakes up at around 7am, he is ready for a nap around 9:30 and he'll sleep for about an hour.  This is usually when I catch a nap too, if I didn't sleep enough the night before.  Then, after lunch, he will take another nap from about 1pm til 3pm.  That's when I catch up on chores, etc.  Right now, he's in the process of going down to one nap (on his own).  I'm noticing that he will get up at 7ish, nap from around 10am til 1pm and then he's ready to go for the rest of the day.  Then it's dinner at 6, bath and bed at 7-8pm.

About the hair washing.  My son doesn't mind the hair's the rinsing he doesn't like.  But it's something that has to be done....can't just not wash his hair lol.  So what we do is I have a special bowl in the tub that I let him play with.  When it's time to rinse the hair, I use that bowl and have taught him to tip his head back and close his eyes so most of the water goes down his back.  I also sing a little song while I do it and it seems to keep him calm.  I find that singing usually eases most of the things he doesn't for brushing his teeth too.

I don't have any help for the breast weaning so maybe another mom will help with that.

Hope this helps.


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