Im tired of being stuck in the house what should i do to meet other moms and get out of the house?


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I joined some mom groups that I found on It's been great! I have made a lot of friends and it gets my son and I out of the house.

You can also check out your local library and Barnes and Noble for weekly story times. Saxon Shoes and Pottery Barn for Kids also has special events for children.

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I joined a couple mom and baby groups in my area through and I love it. It's so nice to have options of things to do out of the house on pretty much a daily basis and of course it's also wonderful to meet and visit with others moms who you know also want to connect. Sometimes it's hard at the park or where ever...I know that sometimes I see other moms but sometimes it's hard to break ice. For all I know, they would rather be left alone. It's especially hard if you have a little baby. I'm sure the park will become a little easier when my son gets older and starts interacting with other kids. That'll be the icebreaker. But for now, the meetup groups are a sanity saver:)

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Go check out for a group in your area. Also check with your local library for children's activities. They typically offer story times for all age groups that include stories music and movement (and a craft for older kids ~ toddlers and up) and the best part is they are FREE. I have met some great mommies that way plus G gets to enjoy being with other children as well.

Kelly - posted on 01/21/2010




I started selling Avon to get some adult interaction. Maybe look into something like that or another at home business.

Kaeley - posted on 01/21/2010




Maybe you could find some Mommy/Baby groups.. I just started a Nail Technician course so I can work from home and get some adult interaction as well. Or just hire a babysitter for an afternoon and go shopping!! :)

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I go to a parent and tot swim every week. I also met a few local moms thru facebook and have had many successful play dates :)

Kristen - posted on 01/21/2010




Well i live in a place where it is warm all year round so i would say go to a park and talk to moms that have kids the same age as yours. I know there are message boards that you can find playdates for your kids.

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