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Kylee - posted on 01/06/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is nearly 6 weeks old and it seems like most of the time when he is awake he out right screaming his head off (even if he has been fed, burped changed, rocked) or whining, is this normal? Any advice on how to keep my sanity and calm him down?


Mandie - posted on 01/07/2013




Make sure you are checking everything. Make sure there isn't any loose threads wrapping around his fingers or toes.Make sure he isn't too hot or too cold.If he is bundled up,try taking a blanket off of himto see if he calms down.If he just has a suit on,or one layer of clothing try putting a sleeper sack or an extra shirt on him and see if he calms down. Is his burping sufficient for how much he is eating? Try burping him a bit longer than what you already do,he may have some trapped air bubbles in there that need to come out(those can make any baby super fussy).Is he eating ok or does it seem like he is fighting the bottle,or scrunching up when he eats like his stomach hurts,or does he spit a lot while eating? It could be a formula intolerance.Is he pooping ok? If he is popping little hard balls,or his poo is hard he may be constipated(which may indicate that he needs to switch to another formula type like soy or something like that). If all that and then some is done and he is still fussy you could have a colic baby on your hands. My 3rd daughter was super colicky and sometimes it seemed like I was going to lose my mind. Is he fussing during certain times everyday more than any other time? If he is fussy everyday at certain times (recurring) than best bet would be colic(even though I've hear it usually starts around 3 months my daughter was almost 2 months old when she started). If that is the case then its going to be a long road ahead of you because most colicy babies can not be soothed like your average baby can be. You have to find something that soothes them(trial and error and A LOT of it) and once you find it thats most likely the only way you will be able to get him to calm down. My daughter had to be laid down on her stomach and have her butt patted,and once she got tired of that I had to put her in her bouncy chair and bounce her until the spell passed and she finally would fall asleep. It took me almost a weekand a half to figure out that those two things together would keep her mostly calm during the colic spells. If all else fails then it would be a good idea to take him to the doctor. They might be able to pin point why he is so fussy and provide a solution. I'm sure you know this already, but with a fussy baby it can get SUPER stressful. If you start feeling stressed,or maybe even a bit angry or frustrated....put baby in his bed or somewhere he can't roll off of and get hurt and go into another room and take a couple minutes to collect yourself. There is no shame in getting stressed out,and by all means he will be fine for a few minutes so you can calm yourself and then tend to him once you are calm. BEst of Luck to you

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