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Hi! I am a first time mom who has a 8 month old daughter, and has recently decided to not go back to work. My story. I have been married to a wonderful hard working farmer for 3 years. We farm with and live in the same yard as hi parents. It's too close for comfort! Before our daughter my mother in law liked to come over her or walk by and at family functions tell me I am not allowed to do anything to the yard or house. This is grandmas house. She has also done things such as shushed me in front of everyone, slapped me because I was talking when family pictures were being taken and theist goes on. Since our daughter I have been told at family functions give me her you see her all day everyday..... Well duh she is my daughter. I must mention our daughter is a breastfed baby. When we are with his family his sister takes tons of pictures of her with everyone but me . I could go on and on. Recently my mother Ina's came to my house and said I should take. Break from our daughter.... I replied I don't need a break my break is when I sit and play with her and do nothing else. She is a very happy girl and I don't want to miss a moment with her. Also she is breast fed and eats solids rarely. And being that my husband is nearly never with us we enjoy our family time and they will see her when we visit as a family. She then said I was being I fair and she should stay with her grandma and grandpa. The fact being I have not even left her with my mom. A woman I trust.y father In law then yesterday says to be u should quit breast feeding her we want her. Good for u. My husband knows I am not close with his parent.s and nor is he. His dad and him have a working relationship and his mom is nosy and wants to baby him. I don't think I need to leave her with them if we are happy And saying u will see her when we all. Visit is not being unfair. On they have 2 other granddaughters whom they never see they live 20 mins away. Advice please. They stress me out


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I just moved to mobile al, and I went through the same exact thing. They will keep acting that way until you stand your ground. That's your baby not theirs. You need to tell them how you feel and if they accept it or not.

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