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Maryluna a month away from turning 5! she is sweet and outgoing, she loves to make friends and play.
she has always been well behaved, but she started school this year (they start in february here in Costa Rica) and with that comes new behaviors she has seen from her classmates.
lately she's been misbehaving alot in school and at home, i spoke with the teacher, luckily we're on the same page: "do not give in! she is testing boundries!"
at first, i would tell her "well, since u misbehaved today, no cartoons!"
which worked for about 2 weeks.
now she doesn't care, she knows that eventually she will watch tv, and she finds LOTS of funner things to do with her time!
so now i'm thinking of taking toys away, she says "fine, less toys means less mess i'll have to pick up, thanks mom!" she has too many toys anyway.
take away her spiderman teddy? she sleeps with, i find that cruel!
i need to find something that will stroke a nerve!
she's bad or evel, she's defying, and i don't want to loose it, once that happens, i loose any respect she ever had towards me!
any suggestions?


Cynthia - posted on 10/11/2011




try the flip side. to get her back on track offer things. stickers are awesome. at the end of the week if she has all 5 or 7 stickers then she gets something. a new coloring book, to stay up later, a doll ...whatever. good luck. and don't give up or give in. it is likely a stage that will pass on its own anyway.

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