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Morgan - posted on 03/11/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I feel the same way. As of today I am 16 weeks and 3 days pregnant. When I found I out I was pregnant I was only 6 weeks but I ha no clue until I went to the hospital on December 28 2012. They told me I was pregnant and did a blood test to see how far along I was and it said I was a little over 4 months, but this time I was puzzled and couldn't believe what I was hearing. They then got the Doppler so they could listen to the heartbeat and I was devastated when she said she couldn't find it. I started crying and couldn't think straight. I then called my doctor that Monday and made a appointment and that date was 1/4/2013. They did and ultrasound and confirmed I was 7 weeks exactly and she listened to the heartbeat and it was 156. And I asked if that was good se said yes very good. And then she said everything looked great and to come back in 4 weeks. My following appt was 1/31/2013 and all they did was the heart Doppler and again she said everything is fine come back in 4 weeks. Well the next appt was 2/28/2013 which was just 2 weeks ago she did the Doppler and counted the beats per min and said a guess that the heartbeat was in the 150s and everything sounded good. She said the next appt which is 3/27/2013. And they will do the anatomy scan. I'm excited and ready to learn more about my baby. But I've been reading so many stories about girls having a miscarriage in their 2nd trimester and I know I'm being paranoid but I just can't go through the lose they went through I couldn't handle it. I just need some reassurance that everything is ok. Because that's one thing that scares me is going in for my appt and them telling me something's wrong. This will be my first child, I am 20 years old. In the beginning I had bad morning sickness, which is why I went to the hospital in the beginning I thought I has some food poisoning or something but instead I was pregnant. Now I'm getting to the point to where I can eat and not get sick, having more energy and my boobs are bigger than ever and very veiny. I know TMI haha sorry. Also every now and then I get them round ligament pains but its not that bad at first it scared because I didn't know what it was. But to me I've had a good pregnancy so far. I just hope I go trough the rest if this pregnancy with no problems and that I have a healthy baby to bring home with me at the end. Do ya'll girls have any advise as to not to worry so much and just enjoy my pregnancy. Oh and one thin I forgot to mention is I had no bleeding or severe cramping, like I said the only pain I've had is round ligament pain and I know now that its normal. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone. You can email me at, this is my email not real sure how to get back on here and see what ya'll have said


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I've given birth to 7 healthy babies over the last 11 years. I always put my trust in God that my children will be safe. I don't know what your beliefs are, but if you're religious, I suggest you seek comfort through prayer. It's always worked for me.

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