Incision still open from csection 6 months ago

Christina - posted on 03/08/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hey ladies! I've had 3 csections and had no problem with the first two, however, that is far from the case on the last one that I had in September. About 1 month after the csection, I noticed for the first time that it was bleeding, so I went into the doc for the first of MANY post op visits. At first, the doc said that it would heal on its own, give it more time, well that didn't happen, then he said that it had a granuloma on it, (btw it had stopped bleeding but it was oozing on a constant basis, the opening was about a half inch long), he tried stitching it back up but that was extremely painful b/c all of the fluid was trying to push its way out, so he took the stitches out after a few days and it didn't stay together, then he wanted me to go for a CT scan b/c he couldn't figure out where the fluid was coming from, and the ct scan came back fine. Well this all took place over the course of 4 and half months and on my last visit it had looked as if it was finally starting to heal itself and the doc said i didn't need to come back. Well just last night, I noticed that it was open again and oozing!!! It's been almost 6 months! UUUGGHHHHH!!! I was just wondering if any other moms had issues like this and what you and your doc did to heal it b/c I don't think my doc has a freakin clue


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When I went in to have my daughter in Oct 07, some how I can home with MRSA, its transmitted through touching. There is nothing that cures it, its just goes away by itself. but anyways, it took 5 months for mine to heal up. So I would go to a different doctor and be checked. I think the oozing, if its clear is just scerius (not sure on the spelling) fluid, its your bodies way or trying to clean things. I had the same thing. My home care nurse at the time said the only thing that will help heal is to still take your prenatal vitamins and a special gauze that has silver in it. Good luck, hopefully this helps


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As a labor and delivery nurse I think you need a second opinion too. Did you happen to have gestaional diabetes?

Joan - posted on 03/08/2010





so sorry to hear of your troubles. go for a second opinion today if possible.remember dr's are just people to they mess up just like us . don't be afraid to get that other opinion. i would go outside of his office to a totally independant dr.

good luck

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