Infant seat vs convertible at 6 months?

Lynnette - posted on 11/13/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




We were borrowing an infant seat from a friend and they are now expecting. We're looking to get a new one this month, but aren't sure if we want to go with the Graco Snug32 (infant seat with 32lb/32in limit) or the Graco MyRide 65 (convertible seat with rear facing limit of 40lb/fwd facing limit 65lb).

Simen is 5 1/2 months and must be over 18lbs now. Haven't weighed him lately. He's long, too. About 28 in.

The infant seat is nice because we live in WI and won't have to bundle him up to and from the car in the winter. We plan to have more kids, too, so it will get used again - not a waste that way. I'm concerned about the massive weight it will be to lug around. I complain about him in the current SnugRide infant seat with a 22lb limit already being too insanely heavy being the weight he currently is. Can't imagine another 10+ pounds..

The convertible seat will have to happen eventually, so maybe it's worth just going that route now? I was set on that until I saw that the Snug32 is on sale at Toys 'R' Us this week..

What to do?


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TaraLynn - posted on 11/15/2009




as a side note to thebritax...that's what we have and i LOVE them.they even feel safer than our infant seats. defintely worth the investment!

Teale - posted on 11/14/2009




We switched our boys about 6 months because after that carrying them and the carrier was just too much for me. I am a pretty small mama though. I would get the convertible. :) Plus you never know how long it will be before your next one and you infant seat may expire before you use it again.

Michelle - posted on 11/14/2009




Definitely with everyone else. The convertible car seat is the way to go. The carriers are getting heavy at this age and really aren't useable for much longer. You can get a few years worth of use out of a convertible and generally at this age your baby is happier in the convertible anyway.

Caryn - posted on 11/14/2009




I agree with the others, definately go with the convertable seat. Make sure you do keep him rear-facing for as close to 2yrs as you possibly can.

I've noticed with myself and other moms that the infanct carrier is only really carried for a few short months, once the child starts to grow it gets heavy and only used as a carseat. My guess is since yoru son is around 18lbs you won't want to lug him around in it much.

As for the cold weather, IMO you'd run into the same probelm either way. You aren't going to want your child bundled as much IN the car as OUT because your going to have the heater on and wouldn't want to overheat your child.

I live in Kansas and so far this year what I've done for my 13mo old (keep in mind it hasn't got too cold here yet) is carry him with a blanket to the car (in the garage). Once he's in his seat I place the blanket over him and we leave his coat in the car so that whenever we get out I can put it on him. This is a bit of a chore but IMO safer not only from keeping him from getting overheated but also keeps his buckle fitting properly (most coats/snowsuits are too bulky it prevents the buckle from properly fitting).

My older girls (ones in a carseat and one in a booster) I put coats on and when they get to the car they take them off to buckle and if they are cold usually they put them on backwards over their buckle. Once it starts to get colder I plan on keeping a couple blankets in the car for the days they are cold enough to want to cover their legs :)

Also, if you have the room in your car and the money, you may want to look into Britax carseats. They, IMO, are the best seats you can buy. They hold higher weight/heights so your child can be in it longer. Since your son is barely 6mo and already 18lbs you may want to consider something like that :)

Kyle - posted on 11/13/2009




I would try to find a the car seats that go from 5-100lbs. that is what we have. don't know how the laws are where you live but they just passed a law here in Ohio that all kids under 45lbs and under a certain age have to be in some form of a booster seat or car seat.

Ashley - posted on 11/13/2009




my son was in a convertible at 6 months and i got the graco my ride 65 and love it. he looks really cozy in it and it's really safe. graco is the only brand i buy. the only downside to getting the convertible seat is that you have to bundle them up to and from the car and if they fall asleep you have to wake them up. but i too had a big guy and half the time i was just getting him out of his infant seat anyway cuz he was too heavy. it's up to you but i would definitely get the convertible

Sarah - posted on 11/13/2009




My son was about 6 mos. old when he out grew his infant seat. It was not always fun having to bundle him up (we live in Iowa), but I did find that often times I would have brought the jacket with me no matter what seat he would have been in.

One thing to know is that the infant seats have a life span of about 5 years before they are suppose to be replaced. Often times they are already a few years old when you buy them so if you are not looking at having another one in the next year or two you might be stick with more than 1 new infant seat.

TaraLynn - posted on 11/13/2009




i'd definetely go with the convertible! i switched my twins when they got heavy as soon as i could afford to get new ones! we live in iowa (pretty cold winters) but i still say its worth it!!! good luck

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