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My daughter is not due her mmr injection for some time now but im not to sure about her having it, i have herd from family and friends that it can cause problems in behaviour etc. is there any way that she can have her injections seperate or do they only do the mmr??


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Rebecca - posted on 03/04/2010




you can get them at different times if you prefer it that way. Talk it over with your Dr BEFORE the appointment, if you don't they might still charge you for the shot because it is already mixed and will need to be thrown out.

Kristin - posted on 03/04/2010




First talk to her doctor about your concerns. Both of my boys have had the MMR and other than being crabby for a couple of days, no other behavioral changes. How did she do with her DTaP, if she was fine there she will probably be fine with this one. Alot of what people are saying about the MMR has to do with a study performed by a not so scrupulous doctor. He tweaked his data to show what he wanted his study to say. Millions of children have had these shots with no issues.

Really, just talk to your doctor about what you feel would be best. I can't imagine your daughter's doctor will be terribly bothered by giving additional injections if your intent is to still vaccinate her. Your insurance maybe another story though, this may end up being a bit more out of pocket. I don't want you to do something because of cost though. So, please don't think that. You are a mom and have instincts where your child is concerned, trust them and voice your concerns. Good luck.

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