introducing cereal/food troubles?

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My son turned 5 months old last week and i started introducing cereal about 2 weeks ago and I noticed that when he eats cereal he DOES NOT sleep. He is up every 2 hrs to play. No matter if he gets cereal for breakfast or dinner. I stopped feeding him cereal for day # 6 now and hes back sleeping again. Any suggestions?


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Extra calories means extra energy he needs to burn off! It might take up to a couple weeks for him to properly adjust?!! How much are you feeding him? I would recommend tryin the other stage 1 cereals or like the other ladies said try some easy starter foods......I wouldn't rush into ur pediatricians office but I would definitely inquire about what he/she would recommend?!!

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Have you talked to his pediatrician? You should tell them about his sleep patterns while eating cereal. This is definitely a new one for me. All of my children loved the rice. My youngest is 5mths and he didn't enjoy the organic brand so I had to buy Gerber and he finally started eating it. I also mix in bananas and he's done very well. Hope everything works out for you :-)

Megan - posted on 03/10/2010




I agree. My baby wouldn't/couldn't eat rice cereal. Hated baby food too. He's always eaten what we eat. If he is interested in table food and you want to share, try some mashed fruits or veggies.

Erica - posted on 03/10/2010




maybe the cereal just upsets his tummy. I would try to hold off on the cereal for another month or so and try again.

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