Is breastfeeding STILL better than formula if the mothers nutrition is poor?

Karla - posted on 02/06/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




I breastfeed my 4 month old and the dr. said she was healthy on her last visit, but to me she seems a little slim. Now I know breastfed babies tend to be slimmer than formula fed babies, but my nutrition isnt the best. I try and eat healthy, but most of the time i get whatever i can and dont eat as much vegetables or fruits as I should...I dont want my nutrition to affect her and I definately dont want to deprive her, so am I better off with formula?


Theresa - posted on 02/06/2010




Your body will give the nutrients to the breast milk first, just like it gives to the baby first when you are pregnant. Keep taking a prenatal vitamin as long as you are nursing, that will help. My daughter was always slim too, even when I quit breastfeeding and went to formula. That's just how she's built. Your daughter may just be built that way too. So the answer is yes, breastfeeding is still best.

Nikki - posted on 02/06/2010




I breastfed for the first month , I couldnt produce enough milk I changed my diet every few days in order to produce but I just kept making him gassier and still had no milk. I didnt want to switch to formula, let alone supplement but i had no choice but once I did it was the BEST decision of both our lives, he was soo much happier because he actually got enough milk at each feed and I wasnt stressed out 24/7 and he slept through the night instantly. I understand people believe breast is best , but Ive got a super healthy thriving 8 month old boy, who's never been sick , who's growing extremely well and I began knowing how much he was eatig and that everytime he ate the same thing I didnt have to worry how he would react to each food I ate, and he didn't have tp starve, so I just want you too see that bottle feeding isnt as bad as everyone makes it out to be!!

Kymberly - posted on 02/06/2010




Breastfeeding is always best, and there is a lot of nutrients in it. But you nutrition can affect your breastmilk but unless you are really bad not bad enough to affect your milk or baby. If you do choose to formula feed, trust that formula is very good for babies too. I breastfeed my first 3 kids for the first 4 or so months, then switched to formula. My last daughter has been on just formula, she was feed through a tube when born, and then while at the hospital was bottle fed. So she has been on formula ever since. And all 4 of my kids are very healthy. So dont stress yourself out about it.

Virginia - posted on 02/06/2010




I think you should consider breastfeeding as long as you are able to. Who has the time to eat perfectly? You say you are trying to eat well and that is better than not trying. You could give her vitamin drops like Poly Vi Sol made by Enfamil if you are concerned about nutrition.

Kristina - posted on 02/06/2010




yes in any case breast feeding is always better as long as there is no drug use! Because the breast milk alone has enough nutrients


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Shanbottger - posted on 03/29/2018




Studies actually show that BREASTMILK is better for your baby than formula. Funny how the only people that quote the opposite of this do not breastfeed. I do not know if they say it to make themselves feel better or what? Lol but breastmilk is the perfect milk for our babies which is why our bodies make it for them... hello!? Formula is definitely good for your baby but breastmilk is always better even if the Mother has a poor diet because the breastmilk always has all the nutrients babies need in it. Now, if you use drugs, excessive alcohol, breathe in dangerous chemicals on a regular basis, etc then PLEASE do not breastfeed as these can go into your milk & be harmful to baby. But a fast food diet? Not really good for your figure but the baby will get the good nutrients from it FIRST out of your milk before you get them. Same as your placenta got them first while you were pregnant.

Susan - posted on 02/08/2010




study shows that formula is just as good as breastmilk. my daughter is 11 weeks old and i give her 1 bottle with formula in it at night and another in the morning and she loves it, when we went for her last checkup at 8-9 weeks she weighed 5 kilos and they said she looks very good. maybe you should give it a go and see if ur daughter/son puts on any weight :) GOOD LUCK

Amy - posted on 02/06/2010




i wouldn't worry about it, i was the same when i breast fed my son, i love my fry ups lol, and hes now a healthy 3 year old, and he loves his fruit and veg more than sweets!!!! :)

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