Is having a third child hard??

Christa - posted on 02/04/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




I am so nervous and excited. We are having a third child this fall. I am a stay at home mother of two- ages 3 and 5. I was wondering is it much different having three kids? What tips would you give on the transition. My son will start school for the first time right when baby is due. How do you manage having a third baby?


Tracy - posted on 02/05/2010




I have 4 kids 11,9,7 and 4. I was told when we had our first child that your not really a parent until you have two kids. I thought that was a strange thing to tell new parents until 9 months later we were pregnant again and I then learned, nothing is harder than going from 1 child to two. Having our 3rd child was a very easy transition. Having our 4th child was the same. I think once you get over the initial shock of juggling 1 to 2 adding another is just juggling a little more time and being more creative on keeping everyone happy at the same time. My children were 1st grader, kindergartener and a 3 year old when we had our 4th child. You just need a little organizing and getting up earlier to compensate for packing a lunch for school and getting the baby fed and hopefully asleep for a few so you can get your child ready to school. I got clothes etc. ready the nite before. Then got up about 6 fed and changed the baby and asleep in his favorite, swing, then began with the others getting breakfast, dressed, etc. That way I was able to help the others get ready and then pack up for school. Baby slept on the car ride and usually was ready to eat again about 10 minutes after arriving home from the drop off. Don't worry, you'll be surprised at how easy the transition is having a 3rd child. Good luck!

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It's really hard at first just figuring out the logistics of it all. Make sure that your older kids are getting prepared right now. Talk about the baby if you know if it's a boy or girl or even better if you already have a name. When I was pregnant with my Daughter we talked about the baby in mamas belly. They kissed my belly and talked to her. When I brought her home from the hospital my son who was 2 at the time said."Mama has a baby in her belly" I told him no she is here now. Since that moment he understood this little baby was the one who he had been talking to and now she was here at last. They don't remember life with out her. They would help by getting diapers or blankets.
It's a wonderful blessing and everyone in the family should feel like they are part. You have two already so you understand those moments when all hell breaks loose those can be a little more chaotic but I know you will find your grove
Good Luck and Congratulations

Jennifer - posted on 02/04/2010




at first it seemed really hard, as any new baby does, but once you settle into a routine, things get a lot easier. I enjoy my three very much and the only way I would change anything is by adding another! Don't be afraid to ask for help, and never refuse the help others offer. Rest when you need to, and don't worry about a messy house.

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l agree Jennifer, focus on your family. Don't worry about the house. Your older child will be having a whole new life of his own with starting school. Your middle child will probably have the most adjusting to do with you having a third baby.

Having 3 kids under the age of 3, it's about having a routine. Although it's a very flexible routine. More like the babies will eat food sometime before 10. They get bottles when they want them. They will take a nap sometime before noon.They will eat food again sometime before 5:30. And they will have an afternoon nap. The 2 year old will get up when he's ready. He'll eat soon after that. Hopefully l'll remember to put him in for a nap before 3:30 and not forget completely like l did yesterday. His bedtime is at 9:30. That just gives you a general idea. Of course my 2 year old eats more than just breakfast. He eats about 6 times a day. l don't know how some do it to have a set time for each thing to happen.

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Well, you now have a 2, 5, and 7 year old, if I did my math right. How is it going? :) I found that the third baby was the biggest shock...mostly because my husband and I were suddenly outnumbered. But it went so well we went for a 4th. :) How about you?

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I have the same spacing between my three. My oldest started kindergarten then in October my third was born. It's been difficult at times. Especially on weekends and No school days when all three of them are here and Daddy is at work. I don't stress to much about the house being a mess after all I have a 3 y/o home all day she makes a mess!!! I stick to a routine. I do laundry everyday but with three kids you have too!! and I plan simple meals for when Daddy works a late day like hotdogs and French fries. Something that doesn't take me away from them long. I has gotten alot easier to get things done since the baby is 3 months old and starting to entertain himself. And My older children help alot. They actually fight over who gets to throw away the diaper. We also recently started giving our 6 yo more chores to do. So now instead of just cleaning his room he also puts away his laundry and takes the trash out. Little things like that make a huge difference. One less thing we Moms have to do.And my 3 yo has little things that she does to help. Just stay calm and like Jennifer said don't be affraid to ask for help. GOOD LUCK having 3 has been wonderful for me!!!

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