Is he ready for potty training?

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My LO is 2 years old. I am planning on having him on 3 year old kindy next year, and for that reason I am trying to potty train him, but to be honest I am not sure he's ready. He can follow simple instructions but cannot/will not pull his undies down. We are having a bare bottom day today as I believe that as he's always been on disposable nappies, he isn't aware of how it works and that wee wee and poo have to go somewhere. He had 3 accidents so far and did it once in the potty (with lots of praise), but it was more about timing than awareness of his part. Reading all the 'ready' signs concerns me though. Being 'wet' doesn't bother him in the slightest and he's never gone over 1 hour with a dry nappy (they say 2 hours is ideal), he never tried to take his nappy off because of wetness and doesn't announce when he had a poo, I usually find out by the smell. His overnight nappy is always soaking wet to the point of leaking, so no holding there either.
Now I am not sure I should be pushing him into potty training yet. Any insights?


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Here is what I would do.....I would first start out with keeping the diaper (or nappy) on. When he gets up in the morning have him sit on the does not matter if he goes or not. Then I would do the same thing before you take a bath or put him to bed....again it does not matter if he goes or not. At first you want to just introduce the potty to him. I would focus just on those two times in the day at first. If he wants to sit other times by all means take him, but I would not worry about it right now if he does not. Once you feel he has a pretty good routine of those two times.....the may take weeks or even months. Then I would add in sitting and trying before and after nap time. Again it does not matter if he goes or not. Eventually he will start to go. I give a treat for going....1 m&m for pee and 2 m&m's for poop. As he starts to go more in the potty I would then add in sitting and trying about an hour after each meal. I also find it helps if you keep drinks to meal and snack times for the most part. Unless they are doing lots of running around or it is a hot day the meal and snack times should give him enought liquids for the day.

Potty training is a process. It is not going to happen overnight and may take many many months before they go on a regular basis. Follow his lead with it. He will show you when he is ready to move to the next stage. If you try to force it then it only causes the process to go longer and harder.

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