Is it hygienic or bad for a woman not to wear underwear (bra and specially panties) at home?

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I have discussed it with other ladies also and most of them replied that they mostly and usually don’t wear panties at home to avoid sweating and itching. I got two boys 4 1/2 and 6, since after the birth of my second child I used to get this really bad irritation and itching in and around my genitalia, so they adviced me to avoiding underwears specially panties during daytime at home and wearing loose cloths, and regularly shave pubic area.

I have also told my sister about this, she also got boys around the age of my kids, she told me that she also very rarely wears underwear both bra and panties at home, as we both got a medium sized breast and they are not gonna develop anymore, so there is no such need for wearing bra all the time. she said it is more comfortable, very important for the breasts to be loose as well, to be able to get a normal blood flow into them and if let your vagina feel air it will keep it dry and also help you with the irritation problem . Sometime ago she also had a same problem of itching and irritation and then sombody told her to avoid bra and panties under her outfit at home, which helped her a lot with this itching problem.

So I rarely wears panties during daytime at home except in the morning, while doing kitchen work and making breakfast, as I always sleep wearing bikini cut panties and tank top. After taking shower I mostly use to wear shorts and t shirts, but I never wear any bras and panties underneath. Sometimes I do wear long skirts but still never wear panties, i feel like comfortable while doing house work.But I still got rashes down there.


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dude, walk around naked if you want to! if god thought naked was bad we would've been born wearing clothes or covered with fur.
as for rash/itching it could be stress related. i used to get yeast infections all the time but then the main cause of stress in my life left and so did the infections. try relaxing. also a good book is recipies for nutritional healing- it gives supplements herbs and other info for all sorts of things

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If your thighs rub together and sweat that can be the problem.

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I only wear undies when I'm menstruating and need something to stick the pad to. :)

Sadly, I have to wear a bra, because my cup size is O (really not kidding) and without a bra I chafe, get heat rashes or fungal infections and lots and lots of back/neck pain. If I could go bra-less and be pert and happy, I would.

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Are you afraid of your kids seeing you without a bra and panties while at home? If so don't worry about it...just go without clothes all feels absolutely amazing and they will get to learn that being naked is a natural and accepted thing.

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I wouldn't I wear undies even to bed. I would think that you'd chafe more with out it.

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If u have a rash, perhaps u need to see a doctor, it could be something that needs medication. I personally like underwear, 100% cotton, and I have a large chest so no bra just hurts.

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I agree with Stiflers mum, but yeah I'm totally free at home, it's the best way to be comfortable.

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