Is it inappropriate to have bath time pictures of your children?

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Hi Ladies,
I ran across a really cute idea on pinterest where a lady took photos of her kids in the bathtub and hung them on the wall and had a vinyl quote saying "splish splash I was taking a bath". I really want to do this for my son's bathroom. I have a couple of bathtime pictures that I took with my digital camera of him playing in the bathtub with his bath crayons and bath toys. Is it inappropriate that I have these pictures and secondly, is it inappropriate to get one copied and frame it for wall art in the bathroom?
The reason why I am bringing this up is because I read an article where this couple lost custody of their three girls because they went on vacation and the mom took pictures of her girls playing in the bathtub. She took the disk and had all of her vacation pics printed and the Walmart associate called the police. As I was reading the article, I was thinking that this is absurd. I feel that there is a difference. So, I am thinking could I get in trouble because I have pictures of my son? I feel that it is ridiculous for people to think that taking photos of your kids because they are making memories is some sort of child pornography and parents who do take pictures should be punished. I will post a link to the article here:
I know that there is a very fine and gray line of what is right and what is wrong.


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First of all; there is Intent that needs to be taken into consideration. There is a difference between a cute picture of a child in a bath tub vs a picture that is intended to invoke a sexual response. Second; there is content to be considered. Yes the child is in the tub, are their private parts covered by a wash cloth, toys or bubbles, or is the child "spread eagle" showing the world what's between the legs? Parents should be mindful of how the photos could look to a pervert. It sounds sad, I realize, but it's a fact. Sometimes these photos can fall into the wrong hands and a parent needs to be sure that there is nothing sexual about it all. Now that said, sadly, pedophiles can still see sex in a very innocent picture of a child in a swim suit at a beach. It's disgusting, I know, but keep these things in mind. I, by the way, am a Mandatory reporter and have worked for CPS. My husband is a Corrections Officer at the primary CSC Prison in our state. We do have a son and a daughter on the way. I DO have photos of my son in the bath tub. I have Always made sure that he is covered by a toy or washcloth or something before taking any photos. If I see a photo of my son in the tub before having it printed where he is Not covered, I delete it, no matter how cute it is, or photoshop it so he Is covered. Just Please, always be mindful it's safer for Everyone especially your child!

Nightingale - posted on 05/25/2013




unfortunately in this sad sad erra where everyone has perverted the most pure things, it has become a matter of Government says no, parents say its cute. I grew up in texas and it was NORMAL for the neighborhood kids to run outside in panties.. (girls) and nothing else until they developed. Now people act horrified as though it never happened.

Regardless I have bathroom pics, toilet pics, running down the hall naked pics because they just didnt want to get dressed.. I call them my "blackmail when they get old enough to date" pics. My son has threated to set fire to my collection of photos..especially the one where he is 3, on the pot, picking his nose..

I think the swimsuit idea is fun.. or just take a pic level with the tub so it shows the top only..

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Legally speaking, in the US the guidelines state If the child is MORE THAN 12 Months old, you can have bathtime pictures, but they must not show "private parts" or parts of the body that would normally be covered with a swimsuit.

It is not inappropriate to have bath time pictures of your babies--those are great memories. That said, make sure they fit the legal guidelines. If you are going to hang them on your wall, I would recommend staging a photoshoot with the kids wearing their swimsuits in the bath, and just cover the suit with lots of bubbles. Another cute idea is to put your camera level with the edge of the tub so you just see their shoulders and faces. Go with black and white to make the suit blend better and give a collective commonality between the images.

Helen - posted on 06/01/2013




~I think it is so sad that parents even have to think about this!
I have pictures of both my boys in the bath, and will continue to take such images as they grow, until such time that they don't want me to! Having said that, I may have one or two where all is on show, but only from when they were tiny (as in first bath pictures).
There are also family pictures from years ago, of myself and cousins playing on beach or in garden with sprinklers and paddling pools and in some of them us girls are topless and we saw nothing wrong that, and I still don't - it was capturing a moment of innocent fun

Jennifer - posted on 05/31/2013




My fave of my oldest girls bath pic are the before and after of her after I allowed her to finger paint in her diaper while I cooked dinner... She painted herself blue from head to toe! The after I had up on the wall for years, she was sitting in the water all deblued and the water was so dark blue you could not see anything. With her looking up at the camera and big Cheesy grin and wild curls. Yea its ok to have the pics you just have to be careful what is seen in them.


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Amanda - posted on 05/31/2013




Wow, i have plenty of pics of my son in the tub. The ones where you can see something I PRINTED MYSELF OFF OF MY COMPUTER! I also got pics printed from walmart of him lying naked on his bed at a year and a half. His butt is in all the pics and nobody said a word! I also have a video of him in the bath tub. What you need to remember is don't go posting it or sending it around on the internet plane and simple. But I have seen many pics of my friends kids in the tub online covered in bubbles and nothing happened there. So to each their own and it is just how people look at it.

Kris - posted on 05/30/2013




i say do it but keep it modest. I dont know about keeping it on the wall but to each there own. We all have pics of us in the tubs we have them of our self im sure our parents have pics of them self in the tub. the only thing about that is dont put them online people out there are bad people but its perfectly normal to take pics of your kid playing with toys in the bath tub to keep for yourself.

Ann - posted on 05/30/2013




I've taken plenty of pictures of my kids in the bath tub together and i always crop the photos to make sure that they are either covered by bubbles, toys, or just make sure i only take a picture of there top halfs.

Cecilia - posted on 05/27/2013




Ok it did say the charges were dropped. I would have personally looked into the employee who saw such pictures as sexual in nature. I think that is where the fine line would be. I can't think of one naked baby picture I even thought of as porn. It isn't done in a manner to display them as a sexual item. It's a mommy moment. Mind you i'm not saying child porn doesn't exists, just not in the text of bath time pictures.

What I have always done is when i take bath pictures I make sure privates are covered. Bubbles or a towel works fine. I think if that much is done no one can say anything.The reason I did that isn't because I was worried what I was doing was wrong, but this way I can show husbands and lives down the line without complete embarrassment. My OB actually has a picture of all 5 of her children, different sexes, all naked in the tub together. It's hanging right there in the office. You see little bums of the ones laying on their bellies too!

If you have pictures and you're worried about someone calling on you and reporting you, print them yourself. If any private parts are showing just photoshop it.(if you know how) Or open it in paint and crop the picture to get rid of it.

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I knew the guidelines because I worked for many years in the photography field. A few years into my career the nude newborn pics became very popular and laws were reviewed and pretty much hammered into us so that children were not exploited.

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Thanks for replying. That is a great idea with the swimsuit and bubbles. I will do that. Did you just google the guidelines? I wasn't even thinking when I took pics of my son. I just saw that he was having a great time with his new bath toys and simply didn't even think about whether he was showing or not showing. I will have to check my pics again and make sure that they are not showing parts. Thanks again.

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