Is it just my kids??!!

Keli - posted on 04/08/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I have a 6 yr old son and two girls, ages 2&3. My son goes to school during the day, and I am home with my girls. My question is... How do I get my girls to play?? It seems like all they do is follow me all day long! If I tell them to go play, they might for about 5 minutes then come back to me, either b/c they are fighting or just bored. They have a room full of toys! I even teach a little "school" with them in the morning, so it isn't like they aren't getting my attention! Just curious to know if anyone else's kids do/have done this and maybe any suggestions of what I can do to make them go play!!! My 6 yr old will go play when he is home, he actually plays well by himself, and he sometimes plays with the girls too...until they fight! Thanks!


Alison - posted on 04/09/2009




No its not just your kids Keli !!! was great reading your comment, youre not alone-my kids are 19, 14, 7 and 5 yrs and all of them R ALWAYS in our company (which can be a bit hard when i'd love some time out with a visitor, or want to watch tv at night instead of conversing!)...take it as a compliment that they like to be around you. We R really close with our teenagers as a result- which is excellent, though i'll be keeping an eye on your replies with ideas for the younger two to play alone....


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Keli - posted on 04/10/2009




Thank you all for your posts! I do actually play with them as well. They do play dough alot and they love to color. I guess sometimes I just look at their room and all their toys and wonder why they wouldn't want to play in there! But I do have to remember their ages.
Alison, that did make me feel better about your teenagers being close to you. I would rather have it that way than a different way! Thank you for making me see things a little differently! And if I come up with anything that works, I will let you know! Thanks again!

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they may just need you to get them started on an activity or it could be they want to mimic what you are doing. it also can be them tellin you they need some one on one thats usually what happens with my son.

Christina - posted on 04/10/2009




Every time I needed a break I sat them down at the table with crayons, paints or play dough and told them to make me a suprise! Or if someones B-day is coming up or a special occasoin to make one for them. It gets a little messy, but they stay busy for a while!

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sometimes I just give in and let them help me clean. Sometimes they enjoy it, and sometimes I get picky on how well they do it. then they get tired of helping and go play

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First they are only 2 &3 and solitary play is difficult still to do for long periods of time at that age. That's why your son has no prob. b/c he is older and has no problems with imaginary or solitary play. Now, I understand that you teach them in the am and I am glad you do but playing with them is also needed! Nothing special just sit down with them a some legos or if you don't want to or hav eother things to do get things out they can do on their own like sit them down with playdough, or some stories they havn't read in a while or maybe just simply colors and paper or stickers. Do understand that at 2 & 3 they won't play for more 15min at most by themselves. Give it a try see how it works out!

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Well, I can honestly say, I have never had trouble 'getting' my kids to play. Stopping them, yes, but they play all day. It's hard to get them to do anything else. 

Whenever I introduce something new to my boys, I sit with them for a few minutes, explain the new game, toy, book, etc. Show them how it's done, so to speak. Then say , Now you try! It also helps if you are close by. With a 2 and 3 year old, they need you nearby to watch them. But crayons at the kitchen table while you wash dishes, book on the couch while you vacuum, etc.

And ask them later how it went, who won the game, how did the story end, etc.

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