Is it just Terrible Two's?

Samantha - posted on 07/21/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My Two year old daughter often bites, pulls, and pinches herself, myself, and other toddlers. I dont know where she gets it from and have tried everything to stop it! Am I the only one with this issue??


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Katie - posted on 07/22/2010




I assume you have tried all of the ways that doctors and specialist suggest like positive redirection, where you try to get their attention on something else. In my experience that doesnt' work. When My 7 year old was about 15-18 months old she would bite all the time. She was jealous of her little brother who is 16 months younger than her. I tired the reidirection thing, I tried gently biting her back, none of those worked. I hate to say it but what finally worked was a good spaning on the bottom.
I am going to suggest you speak to your doctor though because she isn't just biting other people like a normal toddler would she is actually imposing self destructive behavior. Has she seen someone else bite themselves? I have never heard of a 2 year old biting them selves. This could be something simple liek the terrible twos or it could be something more serious. No child should be biting and hitting themselves. That could cause some serious damage both mentally and physically.
I hope you find your answers. I am not a specialist or anything just a mom of 4 kids. And even I need to be reminded when things my children are doing aren't normal.
Best of Luck

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nope only mine is 1 and does it when she gets mad at her sister. It seems to be her way of fighting back. Sorry no good ideas for stopping it lol I'm fighting that one myself.

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