Is it normal for a 4 year old to grind teeth while sleeping

Daisy - posted on 05/30/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




My 4 year old daughter lately has been grinding her teeth while sleeping and this is the first time she does it. I feel as though her teeth are going to fall off if she keeps this up. Has anyone had this problem ??


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Daisy - posted on 06/02/2010




Thank you so much for your tips and advice. The only family member i know that grinded his teeth alot as a child is my uncle but i guess since she still doesn't have her adult teeth it's not that bad but i just hate hearing it. Rebecca it really does sound bad, it sounds like her teeth are going to fall any moment, i literally wake her up so she will stop doing it. I will check also with the dentist. She hasn't been stressed lately, i mean the most is getting into trouble due to her hot temper lately lol but nothing else. Well she is starting school in August for the first time ever. VPK so it may be that. Thanks again to all of you!!

Rebecca - posted on 06/01/2010




My son does this,he is 5 but he has done it for a couple years now. I know that I do it too, so it seems to be inherited. It happens more when I am stressed out and I have noticed that it happens for my son if he's having a nightmare or isn't sleeping well. Maybe your daughter is stressed out by something? I need to get my son a mouth guard to wear while he sleeps, because it does sound really horrible, like his teeth are breaking or something. I don't know if there are safe guards for kids that young, but I'm going to ask his dentist. My husband says the same about me, that he's surprised that I have any teeth left! However, my teeth are great, according to my dentist.

Yvonne - posted on 05/31/2010




Hi Daisy I had a little boy who did it as well,the dentist said that he couldn't do much until he had his adult teeth,I've now got a 15 month old who has started it as well,I shouldn't worry too much as they are baby teeth,but your dentist should definitely be able to help if she continues when her big teeth come through.
Good luck.

Melissa - posted on 05/30/2010




My would ask your dentist. My son has done that since he turned two and he is now three. We are going to the dentist next month and it is the first thing I am going to ask about. My husband grinds his teeth and all of his teeth are now flat and he gets cavities very easy because of it. Apparently if runs in my husbands family because my FIL and SIL also do it. I don't want my son to mess his teeth up at such a young age. I know that there are teeth guards to use but a dentist probably won't do anything until their adult teeth come in.

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I had this problem as a child. My mom took me to the doc and they said that it was energy that I wasn't getting out during the day. I actually still do it (according to my hubby). My teeth are fine. talk to ur babys doc if you want to, but i think your daughter should be fine.

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