Is it ok to lose weight while bein prego?


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Teresa - posted on 04/10/2010




I am so sorry to hear that. That must have been the hardest thing you ever had to go through. I had a miss carriage so I kinda know how u feel. Again I am so sorry. Teresa

Teresa - posted on 04/10/2010




I lost 15 pounds while I was pregnant. Just eat right and do as your doctor tells u and you will be just fine. I only gained back 3 of those 15 I lost I also was over weight and I lost allot more weight when my son was born. Then I lost 161 pounds after that.

Kim - posted on 04/10/2010




Depends on the situation. When I was pregnant I lost weight in the first five months because I couldn't keep anything that ate down. So i lost about 15 pounds in those first five months. And my son was still born 9 pounds 3 ounces and 21 inches long!

Mandy - posted on 04/10/2010




with my first, i lost 5kg in the first 12 weeks. with my 2nd, i only gained 7kg during the whole pregnancy. and with my 3rd, so far (i am 22 wks) i lost 3kg and have only just put it back on. my dr says she has had perfectly healthy women go through the whole pregnancy without gaining.
i dont weigh myself anymore, it seems pointless. unless i am noticeably losing weight, i wouldnt stress. as long as my baby has a strong heartbeat and kicks me every so often, i am happy.

all the best

April - posted on 04/09/2010




I lost weight until I was almost 4 months pregnant with all 3 of my girls, thats normal. It probably shouldn't continue after that

Corena - posted on 04/08/2010




Probably not if you are purposely trying to lose weight...
If you're doctor is aware of it and you and the babe are still healthy it is fine.

I never gained weight when I was pregnant. I was overweight to begin with. I was down between 4 and 10 pounds for my whole pregnancy and when all was said and done and he was born I actually weighed 50 lbs less than before I got pregnant. It was amazing!
Unfortunately, I have gained most of it back and now am fighting to lose it again.

Don't you hate it when you get an amazing blessing and then screw it up? Arrgh!

[deleted account]

I lost 12lbs throughout my pregnancy but I was slightly overweight and my Dr. told me that it is normal that overweight women loose weigh when pregnant. Baby was gaining weight ( 8lbs 7oz at birth) and healthy so there were no concerns for me but I wouldn't recommend going on a diet when pregnant, not good for the baby. But you should talk to your Dr. about it if it is a concern of yours.

Tasneem - posted on 04/08/2010




my doc said its ok as in my second pregnancy i used to lose a lot of weight!!! but still my baby was 3.2 kilos wen she was born!

Brandy - posted on 04/08/2010




I wasn't that big when I got pregnant with my first (I was a size 8) and I still lost 8 pounds in my first trimester. Then I gained 60! lol. When I got pregnant with my second, I was about a size 14 and I lost 16 pounds during the pregnancy then gained back the 16 by the end of the pregnancy and the week after he was born I weighed 20 pounds lighter than I did when I got pregnant with him. My doctor never had a problem with any of this since I eat a healthy diet and take my vitamins and get my exercise. (I had such a huge gain with my first because my thyroid went crazy during that pregnancy)

Rachelle - posted on 04/08/2010




to a certian extent... if your eating right and doing light excerizes (or what ever excerizes your doctor says is ok) remember your belly is going to grow... talk to your doctor they can help you make a plan!!!

Susan - posted on 04/08/2010




Depends. I lost over 20 lbs but I was overweight to being with so it wasn't really concerning to my doctor or to me. Baby was growning and doing great. Depends on the situation I guess, ask your doctor if you are concerned.

[deleted account]

Most doctors agree that you should not loose weight while pregnant, but if you are very overweight/obese then you might want to talk to your doctor. I think that there are special diets for obese women that help them maintain their weight during pregnancy then loose it after the baby is born. If you are too heavy you are also at a higher risk for complications so ideally, it is best to loose the weight before trying to get pregnant, but if that is not possible, talk to your doctor about your concerns.

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