Is it right to give away old toys even if your kids says nooo..

LiAnne - posted on 05/27/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I'm having a hard time getting rid of old toys .. my kids just have way too much.. I'm a military wife and the toys have just accumulated over the years.. I give them mostly to charity and I do have garage sales.. but it just seems like it's a never ending ... they are soo attached to their old toys but do they really need it?? I tell them that we are giving these toys to kids who don't have any and that it would make their day.. my oldest understands but my youngest doesn't.. it there a way to make it easier on them??


Tanya - posted on 05/27/2010




I teach my kids young that we cannot keep everything and we go thought toys 2 times a year oonce is before Christmas we go though all the toys. I involve my kids in the giving the toys away thing we have a box of give away and they can only keep what fits in the toy box with the exception of a very large toy like they have a doll house that I don't count as fitting in the toy box. But they pick and choose what stays and what goes they know Christmas is coming and know that we need to make room for anything new they will be getting now we do this again around spring time and they usuallly don't have a problem then either but we have been doing this for seven years since my children were babies so this is just the way it is in our house we donate everything I have no time for a yard sale and my seven year old heard about a toy drive came home and started putting toys in a box and said she was giving them to the drive so keep up the routine I think they will catch on expecially if you do the same with some of your stuff I give away pots and pans and tupperware and clothes and just stuff we do not need or use at the same time I do there stuff so they see that this is what we do on a regular basis.. Good Luck Oh and @Kelly you will eventully not feel so guilty giving a toy a certain someone gave away I was like that at first but my children are blessed to be able to have so many toys there are some children who have nothing that keeps my mind reminded that it don't matter who it came from or it was for there 1st birthday what is important is hopefully it can bring as much joy to a child who needs it as it has brought to our family..


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Trish - posted on 12/30/2010




Pack up the toys while they are sleeping or at school...and get rid of them then. I bet you your lil one won't miss that they're gone. When the younger is old enough to understand then just tell them "the toys you haven't played with...put them aside to be taken away for poor kids that don't have any".

But for now...don't let them know. Just pack it up...and when they ask...tell them play with their other million of toys. Make it easy for yourself. Hope this helps.

Tanya - posted on 05/27/2010




Mine are 11 now, but when they were small (learning to count), I'd tell them a certain number and we'd practice counting to it a couple times. For instance, I'd say 4, we'd practice, then I'd tell them we were collecting that many toy's that they really don't want to play with anymore. NEVER mention "getting rid of" or "giving away" until afterwards (if at all). This method worked great because they weren't under pressure knowing it's going away. I'd keep the basket of toy's and do as Kelly Hall done and hide the basket in a closet for a few weeks. If they weren't asking about them- THEY WERE OUTTA HERE.

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One thing that always helped my kids, was they got to help pick out the toys that went in the garage sale. Then, they would help me mark the prices on them, and I would make sure they would get the money from the sale. Even if they only make $0.50, they get all excited about it. Then they know that things that don't sell go to charity.

Kelly - posted on 05/27/2010




I have the same problem! I can look at every toy and remember a special time the children have had with them. I also feel kind of an obligation to keep some toys because of who gave them to us. What I started doing is collecting stuff in a laundry basket, taking it upstairs and putting it in my walk in closet under blankets. Any thing that the child did not ask for within about 2 weeks I figured I could safely give away. Its very slow going, but its starting to make a dent. You just can't have them be in the house while you are doing it. Now that my daughter is getting a little older, she's starting to understand giving the toys to children who need them, she just tends to pick toys that belong to her brother! Its just going to be hard for your little one to understand for now. I know they don't NEED everything they have, but it is hard to let go sometimes! I have been trying to encourage gift givers to give other things besides toys, or if they insist on something, give something "consumable", like art supplies.

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