is it safe for my 10 yr daughter to use deodorant?


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Jodi - posted on 01/19/2013




My almost 8 year old gets just a little smelly on those really hot days (we get them at 40C here), so I let her use a little roll on deodorant. I think that if your child is getting a little smelly under the arms, you need to firstly make sure you have a talk to them about washing properly (because this is a contributor - it is generally a result of bacterial build up on the skin, so we need to loofah!!!), and also allow them a little deodorant. Just remember, the chances are they can't smell themselves, so in some ways, we need to take a bit of initiative on this one rather than waiting for them to ask.

Julie - posted on 01/18/2013




Hi Ivonn. I like the spelling. No 'e' like we have. I let my daughter use the roll on type because she was keen to give a good impression and avoid any adverse comments from boys about body odour. There was no adverse effect except it wasn't long before she was raiding my bathroom. But she was growing up fast so I enjoyed every moment with her.
i hope you do too with your daughter.

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