is it too much to ground my two and five year old from tv and toys.they reck the house.

Tabatha - posted on 06/15/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




the oldest tells the younger one to do things like get into things that could hurt them. today was dog food and water. it is always something to mess up the house. and now the oldest is helping with alot of it. just want opptions. i have already done time out. had the oldest write sentences.(liked that one the best). and now this. no toys and tv.


Lisa-Marie - posted on 06/15/2010




Each child is different and you have to find out what disipline method works best for each indervidual. For my four year old what has worked best is the naughty bag. If he does something naughty, like dumps all his toys on the floor and refuses to pick them up I will take something (a faviourite toy or something he is really into at the moment) and it will go into the naughty bag until he either does what I am asking him to do or is being good. This not only punishes him when he does something bad but also re-enforces good behaviour by rewarding him with getting his stuff back when he is good. I always get on his level when I am giving him back something out of his naughty bag and he has to tell me why it was in there and also what he is doing now that is good to be getting it back.
I don't know about writing sentences - as from my point of view that just says school work is a punishment - I wouldn't want my child to think that - but as I said maybe it works for you.
With the younger of the two it is alittle more difficult as it is harder for them to understand consequences to their actions. Have you tried a naughty chair? It should be placed somewhere safe but boring and they sit on it for their age in minutes. (a 2 year old = 2 minutes) and before they are allowed off they need to understand what they did to have to sit there. This helps them in learning about consequence and also gives them time to settle down - a two year old will probably kick up a fuss about having to sit still for two minutes but it is important not to argue with them - just tell them how it is.
It is also important to have a daily routine. I have a four year old and a 10 month old and they both have set routines including sleep times, art activity times, quite times and then together play times with me and also indevidual one on one time with me. It sounds like alot of work but when you set a bit of a routine (which can be flexable and doesn't have to be ridged) you will find that the house just seems to run smoother. Also your five year old should have chores. This will help him or her understand that it is important to keep the house clean. Nothing over the top - my four year olds chores are to wipe down the benches each day (which is part of our daily routine - as cleaning time) and also help daddy take out the garbadge and make his bed each day. He also has to help with his little brother - he sets out his clothes for the day and helps bath and feed him. All of those things he loves to do as it makes him feel like he is contributing - and it also makes him feel responsible and protective of his little brother.
I hope this all helps a bit.


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Paula - posted on 06/15/2010




my friend suggested clean the bathroom...TOLIET duty!! she claims it really works bc she has one older and one a few years younger....for me I have a 2yo and 1yo so we do time out and groundings from toys...

good luck

Corena - posted on 06/15/2010




I don't think it is too much. You should try to make the consequences fit the actions though.
ie. dog food and water: they clean it up and have to feed and water the dog the rest of the week. (Or something like that.)
I do think grounding is fine though, if that is what works for your kids. TV and toys are priveliges, not rights.

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