is my husband a jerk?

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When I met my husband he lived with his mom, he had no job, a old crappy truck and the clothes on his back. He moved in with me, in my house, for 2 years he didnt help pay bills or anything. Then we started a construction company, it took about 4 years for it to start paying off, so I worked and took care of neccessities. about 4 years ago I developed some health problems and couldnt work anymore. Our company was doing real well so I became a stay at home mom. I have no idea what our business actually earns, He has his accounts and I have a joint account which I use and have to ask for money on a weekly basis to pay bills, buy food, etc. I never have enough let alone extra and he has thousands of dollars stached away. Is this right? My home is now in both our names, my car his all of our vehicles are his. I have nothing and because of health issues I feel like a huge burden. Help.


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$4000 (I got the number from another post) is pennies when you run a company. You might want to ask what he has that money stashed for? He is probably setting up to be able to support the company, so that he can continue to provide you with the $1000 a month.

The idea of your husband having a stash of savings is a great idea. You may want to ask to be more involved with the financial planning of the company, so you are more informed and make sure that money is used for savings to keep the company afloat in hard times.

My Aunt and Uncle had a company for the longest of time. It was making great money, but they were still living paycheck to paycheck.
Long story short: He died of cancer. She took over the company. She lost the contract that they had that floated the company and she is now it debt, immediately after losing the company.
She NEVER had any backup to cover her employees paychecks if their invoices were paid late. She has NO skills to speak of and now either needs to get back into the workforce, or rent out rooms in her home just to keep afloat.

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