Is T.V. Harmful or Helpful for children?

Tootie - posted on 09/27/2010 ( 13 moms have responded )




Me not being able to drive and a SAHM with a Illness...SICKLE CELL ANEMIA. I'm in a lot of pain and I spen the majority of the winter days in the house. I have a 5yr old and my youngest will be 2 on the 1st of Oct. My children watch Tv A LOT But ONLY allowed to watch 1 channel and thats Noggin..Yo Gabba gabba, Dora and so on. My girls are NOT allowed to watch videos unless I or my husband are monitoring, I tried to let my 13 yr old monitor but that just didn't work. So while I'm in the house ALL Day my soon to be 2yr old watches LEARNING Shows and even when her sisters come home. After school my oldest watches tv in her room AFTER HomeWork and the lil ones watch Noggin. I'm very Pleased with Noggin because the shows they show are actualy helping us to reenforce what we're teaching. My lil one sings her ABCs and counts to 10. She sings the songs on the shows and she knows her colors. They aren't allowed to even watch Sponge Bob, If it's not teaching them, then they can't watch it. But In My opinion, It helps as long as it's something they can benifit from.

How do you feel?


Raquel - posted on 10/02/2010




I dont mind my son watching tv as long as it's something educational also. he has watched spongebob and I dont think he's going to fry his little brain or anything. I try to turn the channel to something more educational . He enoys playing outside doing puszzels playing with blocks . He doesnt sit in front of the tv all day but I do leave it on for back ground noise also . He tends to go to his play area and play and might come back into the living room to see whats going on. But We have his tv time and ours. He has to know to share the tv even though we have a few in the house we all tend to prefer the one in the living room . mt dh also works nights and so try to keep noise levels ower to not wake him .

Medic - posted on 09/27/2010




Personally my husband and I do not let our children watch tv as we feel that it enforces lazyness. Our children entertain themselves more often than not playing with their toys. TV has also been linked to adhd and other brain overload issues. So if you are looking for someone to validate you than I am sorry I can't do that for you but you asked for opinions and that is mine.


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User - posted on 10/01/2010




I have a 2 1/2 year old son and 6mos old daughter. I love Noggin too! But they just changed the name to Nick JR a few months back. There are a few shows on play school Disney that he watches as well as PBS...but they are all educational TV shows. My TV is always on, but most of the time it is just there for background noise. He will also go about his day playing, coloring, helping me cook, take care of his baby and his "wammie" (stuffed lamb), etc. My husband works 3rd shift and sleeps all day, so the TV helps filter out my noisy son :D

Barbara - posted on 10/01/2010




I can only speak from my own experience, but when we pawned our tv my two year old blossomed. He was only watching one show a day, but it was on other times when his dad or I were watching it. I had no idea how much it was holding him back, but within days of not having it he was able to concentrate and entertain himself with projects of his own making. It made life easier around here, because he's not constantly looking to me to start something, then getting bored and looking to me again to entertain him when the tv isn't on.
That's my experience with tv, anyway. Life is better without it.

Lareena - posted on 10/01/2010




Today's kids have become visual learners and such schools, college even jobs have geared their training this way. Warning - videos, t.v. and such will kill the imginative part of a childs brain. Let's put it this way. All the great intelligent people who created all this stuff never had it. The guy who invented the t.v. didn't have one, edison invented the light bulb when there was no such thing. Reading and playing...make them entertain themselves...they will grow to be self reliant. God bless

Jane - posted on 10/01/2010




the show you let them watch are fine, it's not the stupid, hateful shows that we all grew up on. i think PBS and Noggin are helpful and teach them a lot.

Heather - posted on 10/01/2010




Depends on what you let them watch, there are alot of educational programs available for children and my daughter loves play school and sesame street and I do find she does learn alot you just need to monitor what they watch thats all.

Rebecca - posted on 09/30/2010




Hi Tootie. Sorry to hear you aren't well. It is challenging facing each day when you don't feel fit and well.

I understand both sides of this topic- and my only thought is that this world is made up of many, many different types of people and we are all raised differently. If we are all supposed to raise our kids exactly the same- then we would all have to think exactly the same. But we don't. You are the only one who lives your life, and raises your kids! You sound like you truly love and care for your kids- and at the end of the day that is what matters.

Shontae - posted on 09/28/2010




My children watch educational programs most whenever they do watch tv. Because of shows like Dora, Go Diego Go, and Blue's Clues my children have learned a bit of Spanish (which is now a part of their curriculums starting in K4) and their colors, shapes, etc. More times than not though, they rather play outside with friends than be indoors. I think there is nothing wrong with children watching tv as long as their programs are age appropriate and it's not an all day 'activity'. I agree with a previous poster who said that the parents should also be involved in keeping them active.

Candy - posted on 09/28/2010




The thing is hon. Today they say it is bad for your kid and two years from now they say it isnt. They dont know YOUR kid. No book has been written on YOUR kid. They are all different. You sound like a good mom. Dont let ANYONE make you feel any different.

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The brain is not actively involved when watching tv, even with educational shows. Kids need to be active and creative for their brains to develop. TV is okay in limited amounts. I let my daughter watch one tv show or DVD each day. Then it's off the rest of the day (unless it's nap time and I'M the one

So your problem is you can't physically do anything with your children. Here's a few suggestions to get them active and learning while you are seated! Get a lawn chair and a bunch of bubbles. Sit outside and blow bubbles while the kids chase them. Let your kids color, cut, and glue (watch the 2 year old!). Read books together. Get a CD of kids songs and watch your kid dance to the music. Look through photo albums together (or maybe make a scrapbook). See how high you can stack blocks before they fall over (your kid will be delighted and run after the blocks to pick the up and start again).

Candy - posted on 09/27/2010




There is nothing wrong with a child that watches tv and one that doesnt. As long as the parents are interactive with their child they will learn. You are a good mom and dont worry. I thought mine were going slow and found out mine are a head of their class. Just being there is more then most parents do.

Jodi - posted on 09/27/2010




I dont' have any illnesses and while I have a car, I live in a very small town with no where to drive TO! But, my daughter watches VERY limited T.V. We do occasionally let her watch Noggin or a video that we approve, but it's not even a daily basis. My daughter colors, builds with blocks, helps me bake/cook, plays mommy to her dolls and about a million other things! (She's nearly 19 months old) T.V is just something that my husband and I feel is not neccessary for our lifestyle, neither of us watch much T.V. either. But again, I'm not in pain so entertaining my daughter and playing on the floor with her and chasing her around are not a problem for me. I think, as parents, we all have to do what we have to do to get through the day and do the best by our children. It sounds like your daughter is very smart and not being held back in any way, so good for you doing what's best for your family!

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