is there a way to practice walking?

Soktheary - posted on 03/18/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




is this a silly question? my 1 year old plays with a shopping cart toy that is also a walker, but is there another way to actually practice walking?is it better with or without shoes?


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Soktheary - posted on 03/19/2009




thanks everybody! we're practicing walking now, and she takes VERY large wide steps, but she walks smaller,more normal steps with the walking stroller....

Deborah - posted on 03/19/2009




We had to hold our daughter's hand while she walked and it was a long process so very sore backs. She was able to walk by herself for months but wouldn't let go until she was sure she wouldn't fall. I did buy the wings product and tried it with her but she hated it because though I was holding her she was not holding on to me so back to walking hand and hand. The best thing is to just keep walking with her.

My daughter walked with shoes and without. I have a friend whose son was one major clutz. He was always falling and we are talking about a toddler. She finally broke down and bought him a pair of stride rite shoes and it made all the difference in the world since they stabilize their feet. So when my daughter was younger all she had was stride rite and she hardly ever fall.

Stephanie - posted on 03/19/2009




My husband and I use to sit across from eachother and get our daughters to walk back and forth from him to me, when she does it get very excited so she wants to do it again.

Orangegloves - posted on 03/19/2009




I just let my daughter hold my hands and walk by herself. It kills my back, but she is starting to onlyhold with one hand now, and lets go totally to stand by herself and reach stuff. It wont be long before she is walking by herself. She has some velcro baby-shoes for walking outside cos we have gravel which would hurt her feet. She knows to go to her shoes and sit down with them for me to put on if she wants to go outside, then she goes to the door and bangs on it, so cute!

Jennifer - posted on 03/18/2009




I have my 10 month old running around our house in a walker. He loves the freedom to move around with his 3 siblings.  He can now pull himself up on just about anything and walk along it.  When I set him down, it is normally standing and against something.

I would say no shoes too! 

We also bought the Bright Stars Around We go exersaucer and all my kids loved it. 

good luck

Kate CP - posted on 03/18/2009




NO SHOES! If you want to go walking outside get some of those soft-soled moccasin type shoes. The best way to practice walking is to...walk! Try walking down to the mailbox and back or up and down the driveway. She'll love being able to walk with Mommy and see the big world outside. :)

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