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Sandra - posted on 07/31/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have 2 beautiful kids, own a home with husband, have 2 cars, were doing ok financially. To sum it up.. I am truly blessed. But why do I feel so empty inside? I am not happy and I feel so horrible for feeling this way. I realized this week that although I have what most people may feel as the "perfect' life I am far from perfect. I feel so alone. so empty. so sad. My days are spent with my kids (10 months and 3 yrs) whlie my hubby works 12 hour days. I don't get much adult interaction other than going to the park, indoor playground or mom groups. No one calls, no one come over. No friends. just alone. The little friends that I had all left one by one after I got pregnant and then had my kids. I love my family but feel like in the process of having kids, I lost so much. I lost myself, my body shape, intimacy with my husband and social life. I feel depressed most days but try to suck it up and be "happy" for my kids.

have you felt like this? This must be a phase or right of passage that most moms go through? please tell me things will get better.... or is this it?


Rachel - posted on 09/12/2014




I just joined this site for this reason! My hubby and I have a gorgeous home a beautiful 2 .5 year old daughter and my little photography business is starting to take off yet I feel like something is missing! He still has all his friends around and has a great social life but my only social life is with my daughter and her dance,swim etc programs, unless I get invited out with my hubby and his friends and their wives and even that is on rare occasions because I'm usually the one staying home with our daughter. All my friends have dropped off the face of the planet and it sucks! I miss having girlfriends I can just call or text randomly if I need to vent or I want to share news with. I just feel alone a lot of the time these days when really I should be at my happiest right now, on paper I have an amazing life and an amazing family but I still feel a little lost and sad.

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