Is this normal?

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Let me start with saying Hello, This is my first time on this site and from what I see it is very warm and welcoming, I look forward to many enjoyable moments here. with that said onto my question. I'm 20 years old and I have 1child, She is 13 months old, and within the last month she has started to take interest in playing with and or pinching my and her fathers nipples. I have not breastfed her since she was 2 months old due to low milk production. She does this all the time, in the shower, when I'm changing or when her father and I happen to be lounging topless(i often do this because a:i dont like clothes and b: i want to teach her that there is nothing wrong with an uncovered human body and to gain self esteem by seeing that even tho I am by far from thin, I have no issue with my bodies looks.) She'll just walk up and start poking, pinching and twisting my nipples. I don't want to stop her because I am thrilled with her exploring and learning different body parts but I often wonder if this is normal child behavior because if its not I certainly don't want to encourage her to continue. Any advice moms?


Kim - posted on 09/05/2013




It is perfectly normal. Don't they seem like they would attract attention? Sticking out, different color and texture? My kids did this too, and pinched their own.

It is good to encourage self confidence and establish a sense of normalcy with the human body, but I also think teaching that each person's body is their own and they should respect that by not touching personal places, and keeping some things private. Modesty and good self image can coexist. But to each their own! :)

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