Is this normal or should I be concerned & say something?

Karen - posted on 09/04/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My brother has asked me questions that about his little boy who is 15 months and I am looking for others opinions to see if my thought process is on mark or how others see it.

First he seems to be very clingy to my brother, he said that when he leaves he just gets very upset and doesnt want to stay with his wife but he is fine with her leaving. He said when she calls him he almost looks like he is going to cry and doesn't want to go to her. It is not always but a good 70 percent of the time and my brother doesn't know what to make of this behavior and wonders what is happening when he is not there?

He also mentioned that he now has started slapping his mother or hitting her with a toy and sometimes after he does it he goes to hug her but alot of times he just slaps her and then she turns around and slaps him back saying he needs to learn not to do that and it hurts. My brother thinks its wrong for her to hit him back and they should handle it different but he is also concerned being he seems only to be slapping her....

I also remember a time when he was only 4 months when he went to his grandmas for 3 days and when they went to pick him up, my brother said he was sitting on the floor with his grandma and his wife came in the room and he looked at her like he was going to cry and then looked back at his grandma. My brother stated that all weekend he wouldn't even look at her, he would look away when she picked him up or said anything to him...I also found this not right, my kids always missed me.

Any thoughts on all this...he seems worried about how she is treating their son when he is not around with his behavior. My sister in law does have depression/anxiety issues so I am wondering if she gets short with him and yells or hits him so he is hitting brother is a very soft and nurturing person and plays with him and rough houses like dads do lol..just trying to sort out how to see it...


Tyla - posted on 09/04/2012




Well my son is 2 and he doesnt care if his daddy leaves but if I leave he has a cow. I know for a fact my husband does not abuse my son but he is short with him sometimes. I would tell him to keep an eye out out for bruises or anything like that other than that I think he just loves his daddy more lol

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