Is this normal & what can i do about it? Help i feel so bad!

Stefania - posted on 04/29/2010 ( 21 moms have responded )




I have a 14 month old girl & now that shes eating regular food & trying new things she gets constipated a couple days a week. I've noticed that she cuts her butthole when she poops & it bleeds. The bleeding is never anything more then a few spots on the baby wipe. I know it burns when i wipe her right after & the next diaper change cuz she flinches & cries a little when i wipe her. Not to be gross but its happened to me before especially after i gave birth but is it normal? And is there anything I can put on her when it happens? Help, i feel sooooo bad!!

Also i just want to add in that she drinks plenty of fluids. I fill up her sippy (about 8oz) in the morning (after she has her milk) with undiluted Mott's apple juice & when she finishes it, which is usually by dinner, I give her water.


Sarah - posted on 05/06/2010




i have givin my son kayro when he was first born to abt 4 mos... now i give him apple juice with sugar in it allthough they say its not good for their teeth it will loosin their bowls even sugar water

Jennifer - posted on 05/06/2010




Try giving her diluted apple juice. that really worked with my daughter when she was a baby. Also a lot of dairy products can cause constipation. you might want to use reduced fat or skim milk and limit the amount you give her each day to about 4 to 6 4 0z cups.I also would watch other dairy products such as cheese and ice cream as those could make her constipation worse. They also have drops that you can buy for infants to stop constipation.

Laura - posted on 05/06/2010




i went thru the same thing with my daughter!!!! even brought her to drs office 2 times. first of all, DONT use wipes!!! use wash cloth with warm water and just pat!! DONT WIPE!!!!! as far as constipation pediatrian said to give her raison. i put raisons in her breakfasst cereal, gave it to her as a snack...any chance i can get she had raisons. its not going to happen over nite but it will get better! oh and dont get alarmed when u see her poop out the raisons!

Gina - posted on 05/05/2010




When I was a baby my mother says that I was very constipated on a daily basis so she gave me prune juice every day with my lunch. If she missed just 1 day we both payed the price.
It also might be wise to try mixing some kayroe suryp into her milk or water,it really does help make thing move more smoothly,and I don't think it has a lot of sugar, eventho it's called suryp.

Jane - posted on 05/03/2010




dilute the juice, it gives my kids diaper rash if they have it w/out being diluted. try getting a few more veggies in her if you can, baby jars of green beans mixed w/pears. and wipe her w/a wet papertowel instead of a wipe.


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Bethany - posted on 05/05/2010




just a note, no pedeatric doctor in Australia would suggest pure juice for any toddler, only diluted 1:5 to water if any at all. I'd get a second opinion on that from a health nurse. Juice is all sugar and no fibre, and fibre balance is the key to gut health.

Stefania - posted on 05/04/2010




Thank you guys all for the comments. Just wanted to let you know a few things.She walks/runs around a lot (she doesnt stop lol). I give her only apple juice with no added suger cuz her doctor told me to give her Mott's since apple juice helps them stay regular. She eats plenty of fruits & veggies. No junk for my little girl! I started only giving her new foods to try a couple times a week & only give her a couple bites at a time. My family comes from Italy so she does eat pasta & bread but like i already said she eats plenty of fruits & veggies. Also isnt aloe vera for your skin? And about the milk she drinks about 24 oz a day. Since i posted this it hasnt happened again so maybe her tummy got used to the new foods. If it happens again I will take her to the doctor but Im not going to use a suppository, she wont even let me take her temp down there! Again thanks to all the moms who took time out to help. I wasnt sure what to put on her bum but now i know.

Sabreena - posted on 05/03/2010




Try a teaspoon of dark karo syrup in her milk when she's having trouble going potty!

[deleted account]

Maybe try to cut out the juice or try to get her to run around. Exercise usually helps with constipation. If she isn't walking yet just move her legs (like the bicycle), rub her back and belly. Could also be the milk that's doing that. Maybe ask your doctor to see what could be causing it

Kristin - posted on 04/30/2010




Poor girl, go with whole grains, fruit and veggies with skins, minimize cheese and anything from the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce/juice, toast/crackers as they are bind to relieve diarrhea). Prunes (pureed or just prunes), diluted fruit juice. She needs to be getting between 16 and 24 oz of whole milk now (I think, check with doc's office to be sure). Try for no more than 4-6 oz of fruit juice, it is just like candy to them and has no fiber. Keep water available for her ALL the time.

I think I would still talk to her pediatrician about this, her bottom and diet.

Keep her moving. She will probably like Sitz baths, just like for after L&D. Either use just water on tissue or use sensitive skin wipes for now. Slather with A&D ointment or Vaseline too.

Hope she feels better soon.

Joanna - posted on 04/30/2010




awww poor baby I would say when you wipe her not to use babywipes because it burns her I would just wet tolite paper with water and clean her that way also maby pruns eather fresh or juice and put some cream so it come's out a little easier for her...Good luck

Laura - posted on 04/30/2010




Yes, it is absolutely normal for there to be changes in bowel movements after introducing new foods! It takes a little while for little tummies to adjust. I had this problem when my son was small. Apple juice is fine. Just get the kind without added sugar and dilute it half with water. Never heard of giving babies aloe juice, but it probably wouldn't hurt to try. But I would definitely check with the doc! :)

Jemma - posted on 04/30/2010




Maybe only give her a new food once a week or even less if you can. Try wholemeal bread as a bulk(though I agree with limiting to one slice and adding fruit) also kiwi fruit are very good ( for you as well :) Try leaving the skins on apples, pears, potatoes as more fibre in skin - good luck it's hard to watch them struggle.

Bethany - posted on 04/30/2010




geez I wouldn't be giving any kid undiluted juice, so acidic! They only need milk and water, juice is as good as candy to a toddler and they are far better off with the actual fruit. Keep sippies around the place with water for her to graze on.

It's not just fluid that kids need for regular, comfortable bowel movements. A balanced diet including insoluble fibre, like wholemeal everything (bread, pasta, tortillas, etc, no white bread or cake etc), steamed veges, like brocolli, peas, pumpkin, sweet potato, etc, little serves of fish or poached meat, no more than 2 serves of fruit a day, juice is unnecessary, but for constipation, a 1 juice to 5 water is heaps to get their bowels moving, or the tip of a teaspoon of brown sugar in 100mls of warm water works for us.

Not too much cheese or bananas or pear, they all bind.

Cut out all saturated fats and food with added sugar. Give her the pieces of fruit with the skin on. Charlotte is 14 mths, and I take a bite out of an apple and give it to her and she polishes it off, core and all.

As for bleeding bottoms, I'd check with your GP to make sure it is just from her bowel movements, and they will probably be able to guide you with regards to diet for toddlers too.

Diana - posted on 04/30/2010




About the aloe. I live in Korea for the moment and Aloe juice is very common here. I'm not sure about aloe vera being edible, but aloe juice works great. I know you can get it at asian food stores in the US but not sure where else.

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My first child had this so bad and the only thing that worked for me was glucose and water and if a day were shes so bad that didnt work i had to give her a stool softener the doctor gave me and she could go.I found a small bit of vaseline helped the poo slide out without cutting might be worth a try.Also more fibre in her diet.. thats best for constipation and orange juice.Louise advised sudocrem and thats what i used on my little one its great to soothe the bottom and its also antibacterial which is good.

Louise - posted on 04/30/2010




I think it may be her diet. Try and remove some carbohydrates and relace with more fruit and vegetables. For example if you are giving a sandwich for lunch make half a peice of bread made into a sandwhich and then give chopped tomatoes and cucumber and slices of banana and grapes to finish. Makes sure that there is a little sugar in her diet as sugars are a laxative and if she is not getting enough from the fruit she will be constipated. Treat her butt with sudacrem to basically grease it and allow the cuts to heal. If this does not help then take her to the doctors and they will give you a syrup that loosens the bowels. All this is basically is a form of liquid sugar. Hopefuly you can do this with her diet, but I think you will find this will be a recurring problem.

Rebecca - posted on 04/29/2010




i'm not too sure where some people are getting this aloe vera thing from but that's just nasty and i've never heard tell of this so before doing that, ask your Dr.( this isn't directed to the one person who stated this on here, it's just i've seen it on a few boards now)

Try giving her actual fruit. My son gets a banana every night as a snack. He uses the bath room the same time every day and if he misses a banana i'm doomed and he goes at a different time or not at all until he gets one. Try pears, apples, peaches or kiwi. They are all great for softening the stool and helping pass. Also lay her on her back and move her legs like she was running. You can also look up the LOVE rub on yahoo. It works great and you can use it in the opposite direction if someone has diarrhea. Try to avoid juice, it's actually not that great for a child, my son only gets it if we are out to eat somewhere and he's been good. We don't have it in the house after i got lectured from his Dr for giving it to him and my 9 month old daughter hasn't even tasted juice yet. Use natural things like fruit and rubs before doing anything medically like a laxative or supository. A little bit of vasiline on a Q-tip can also go a long way and help with the pain.

Good luck

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Try aloe vera. I gave it to my daughter when she had a similar problem. Just a teaspoon a day (since she's over 1) and you can mix it with whatever she drinks. Even water, because it has no taste (plus the water will help to). It's also nice because it doesn't have a bunch of sugar in it like the sports drinks or juices.

Christy - posted on 04/29/2010




First of all, since there is blood I would take her to the DR as soon as you can get an appointment, just to be sure it's not something else. Otherwise, give her plenty of water daily and once a day, give her at least 4 or 5 ounces of non diluted apple or prune juice. My now 20 month old daughter went through the same thing, and still has issues off and on. The undiluted juice helps. I don't give it to her all day long though, b/c it can be bad for their teeth. I found morning time (after waking up) is the best time for my daughter to have the juice.

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