it is so hard 4 me to leave my kids at sitter is it the same 4 u guys


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Kathy- Would you mind starting that in a new conversation? I'm sure there are other Moms with the same problem who would love the hear some ideas :) Thanks!!!

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about my post on leaving kids at sitters thanks for all the comments;) i actually dont work away from home so my kids dont go to the sitters much and when they do its just at my moms i think i offend my mom sometimes by worrying so much cuz well she is the grandma i know there in good hands but i still worry. anyways i have a question, my 1yr old son is always hitting my 6yr old and makin him cry how do u explain to a 1 yr old that its wrong

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Carol- I used to be that way when my oldest was little. Then one day my FIL died and I didnt have a choice but to leave my oldest for days at my parents while we did the caring for him, and the funeral (She was just under 2). I would call my mom and go over to see her but I really needed to be with my husband in his time of need. My Mothers response was "Look I raised you and your siblings. You are all alive and well. Your child will be too" Then I was nervous about leaving my girls with their Dad until I got pregnant with #3 and was so sick I couldnt do much of anything. I couldnt even stand or sit up long enough to change my second babies diapers. My husband had lost his job so he was home all the time. He did EVERYTHING and even told me he didnt get how I could do so much and still have energy to put into a relationship with him. Now I'm very glad I got over it. It's alot less stress being able to trust my husband and go by myself somewhere lol.

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I dont trust people. I left my son with my inlaws for a grand total of 29 minutes. Enough to go to a chinese buffet scarf down my food nad tell my husband, lets go get our son. Im worried about him. My husband was on his first plate still and our daughter was still sleeping in her car seat. Thats my in laws, my husbands parents and they only had him for 29 minutes. I dont trust my husband to watch if i go some where, i take both, if only one of us needs to go, i let my husband go. If i have an appt for a physcial, i get in and out and i tell the doctor, it has to be fast because my kids are at home, some ones watching them but i don't want to waste time. Yea, 30 mintues there if its longer, i will call my husband and tell him it will be longer, and then sit there and look at the phone to see if he's goign to call and report something bad. Yea, day care isnt goign to work for me.

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My Mom does most of our babysitting so no I do the "drop and run" LOL. I work in the church nursery and have found most kids only cry long enough to make the parents feel bad and as soon as they notice they cant hear them stop and find something to play with. My kids are also that way, but they sure do make me pay for leaving when I get back hahaha!

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I have NO issues with leaving my kids at the sitters. I need a break and they only go 2 days a week because both hubby and I go to school those two days. I do not think I have ever stressed about it, both were old enough to talk by the time they ever went.

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My daughter rarely goes to a babysitter's, so I'll admit that I'm usually glad to have the time off. I love her dearly, but I love her more when I get some time away, whether it's for a doctor's appt or a date with my husband.

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Hi Kathy,

I am not sure what type of working situation you are in, but I only worked 2 days a week and my hubby full-time and I could not even drop off my one year old 2 days a week at the sitter. I tried rationalizing with myself...."its ONLY 2 days". But, everytime I just felt sick. I would wonder what he was eating, what blanket he was sleeping with, what he was playing, if he said anything new. I couldn't stand it. I had to try it to see if it was something that would work for us, but it wasn't. It just felt wrong to me.

Staying home full-time is actually a much harder job than I had, but i get to do everything with my son. Some people laugh that i have a degree and stay at home, but I don't care. People even make comments like "oh, you let him go somewhere", if I bring him to Gramma's or playtime, etc...Like I am totally isolating him b/c he stays home with his Mommy.

It was just the right choice for us and even before I had kids, I knew I wanted to stay home with them. We do make less money, but we are lucky enough to be okay on one income. Could your family survive with only one income? Would you be willing to give some things up? (Going out to eat less, going down to only one car, etc...) Only you know what's right for you and your family, and everyone will have an opinion. Just do what you feel is best. :) Good luck!

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