ive never been this depressed in my life yet so happy at same time...

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i never write posts,ok,maybe 3 or 4,but im a lurker.i love to read what u girls say and write cuz it reassures me im not alone in things that happen w mybaby n all.ive always worked and am very social,but i quit my job to rais my baby for like the 1st year...im so thankful to be able to do that but i feel like my personal life is in non existant.i feel like i dont know who i am,i feel like im not inportant to anyone.my dh and i are great and he is my bff,but in my girl relationships i feel like theyre gone.i was so happy when i found out i was prego,so excited to be in the "mom club",yaknow-and lately my best gf has had some personal issues,but has vanished and is non existant to me and our other friend.basically all my girls work or live like 20 min away,my mom is an rn so she wormks and since my baby was born(he 7 mo)she only watched him 1x for me and did an overnight 1x too.ive asked her multi times to see if she can take him 1x so i can just resssssst,catch up.but so far she hasnt taken me up on that.shes great n all but that seriously hurts my feelings.is it normal for ppd to ever arises at like 6 mo pp?? i think that has happened.i need to knw if u girls have ever felt that way.so alone...i see other posts about girls wanting new mom friends,and shiz,i think the same thing.anyway,sorry to rant,maybe im just looking for someone to tell me if im not nuts


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I know a lot of people would tell you that its normal to swing between moods when you are pregnant and it is true. i was glad to be with my child and give him personal attention but there were days when i would feel lost and overwhelmed with all the related work and no personal time. i feel if you do the following it would help you a bit.
1. sleep when your child sleeps. in between the never ending work, do take naps with your child as sleep deprivation affects most mothers.
2. take out two or three hour break once a week. hire a baby sitter and go to a nearby saloon or meet a friend for cofee. do the same for a longer break once a month.
3. go to the library. they have lots of toddler programmes. you would meet mothers in the same situation and make new friends.
4. Talk to your mother. tell her how much you are under stress and need her help. take your child to meet her so that the bond develops.

i know its a tough phase, but do give some time as just your time , even if its just two hours a week. it would ease your stress. are you in a position to involve the baby's father? he could help too.

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Your not nuts we have all been there. Being a mum is isolating. My parents gave me no help with my children and I was miles away from my friends. It does get better when your children are older. In the mean time join a mums and tots group where there will be lots of women like you who feel the same. It is difficult at first being the newbe. Stick at it and go every week and people will talk to you. Make new friends with children and do things together. There is a whole new social world waiting for you out there. Make the first step today and find a group in your area! Go on.... you will feel much better if you do I promise! xx

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Your not nuts, but I dont think its PP. I think you are just lonely and need a night out with your friends. I would suggest getting together with your girlfriends during lunch, with your child, once in a while. And just catch up with them or you can pay someone to babysit or ask another family member to watch your baby. I am still going through this. I know just because we are moms we have responsibilities but we are not dead lol. Just try to find a babysitter or take your baby with you.

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