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My 20 month old( for about 2 months now ) does not LIKE anybody kissing me, hugging me, touching my arm, laying on me..Not my other sister has tried to see what he does and my brother. Does anyone else have this problem? My husband things that we might have a problem with I don't know what to do about it. I do love the fact that he's like this sometimes because he looks like he's taking ownership..but I do want this pass..any suggestions??


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It's a normal stage. Don't give in to him. Continue to love on all of your family and receive love from all of them.

My son would do this when my niece would crawl in my lap. He would try to push her out of my lap. I would gently, but firmly, tell him that mommy loves him and has enough love and cuddles to share with them both. If he persisted in his actions, I moved away from him. When he would stop throwing a fit, I would allow him back into my lap and pay attention to him again. We repeated this cycle a couple times.

When he realized that his poor behavior was getting him less attention instead of more, he quickly got on board with sharing his mommy.


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LOL my daughter used to do that! My husband would hug me and she'd screech like a monkey and get between us. It's just a phase. It didn't take long for my daughter to get over it. :)

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Thank you ladies I will try your advice.. :) I feel comforted to know that it will pass though.. thank you :)

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when your little boy starts to get territorial on you turn it into a big group hug.that way he can see that no matter who is in the circle he still has his own place and he can enjoy the hug also.

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My daughter is four and I had that problem with her for a long time. I have a 3yr old niece that spends alot of time with us and my daughter can not stand for me to touch her...period. I can be sitting on the couch watchin tv and my neice will come and want to sit in my lap. It doesn't matter what my daughter is doing she will drop it and come running over and want to get up there too. So I make it equal. I will sit my daughter on one side and my neice on the other and it's not long before they both lose interest and go find something else to do. Try including him in the hugs you share with other ppl and once he sees that he's just as included he will prlly go on about his way and it will get better. It use to be bad here with the girls but now it's only every once in a while that we have a problem. Good luck =)

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My 27 mth old gets defensive when anyone else sits in "my" chair at the dining table, like if we have visitors, or if a visiting child climbs up on it she says "no, that's Mummy's chair" and tries to push them off. We have lots of family hugs, Daddy, me and her, she doesn't seem to mind people touching me, just my things.

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We went through this with each of our girls. We would just explain that I am their mommy and always will be but that mommy can be friends and show love to other people to. We explained it every time and reassured them every time but we didn't stop. We actually increased the displays of affection in our family so that our children could work through it faster. It's cute but after a while it can wear on the nerves.

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My youngest went thru this phase, it will pass in time. Madelyn still will get in a "clingy" mood but she generally knows that i belong to everyone in the house not just her lol. I just had to keep telling her that my other kids were my babies too, and my husband would say she is YOUR mommy but she is my wife and i want to love on her too. Just takes patience and time but you will get thru :-) Good Luck

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