joria is still sucking her tumb dose anyone know how to get her to stop


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Kenna - posted on 04/04/2010




I have had two thumb suckers and have tried a million ideas to make them stop.....nothing worked. The thing that really motivated them was peer preasure. If you let nature run its couse they will decide that they do not want the other kids to see them as babies, and it will become less and less until they do not do it anymore. I have heard people say it will damage their teeth, both of my girls have nice straight teeth and a nice mouth shape, so do not let people scare you. I think it might affect their mouths a little but not so much in the horrific way that all the old people in my life tried to tell me :)

Lauren - posted on 04/02/2010




I havent had to deal with this becuase none of my 4 have ever done this. But......things that I have seen other mothers do old and new. Hot sauce like Ashley said, my mother used to paint my nails with this awful tasting nail polish (it was something she bought from Avon many many many years back), tape the thumb, cover the thumb in vaseline. I know these are lil crazy but I have seen them work. Good luck!!

Ashley - posted on 03/28/2010




if shes old enough you can try to do a reward thing. wen she doesnt suck her thumb for the whole day or watever she gets a star on a chart and after a weeks worth of doin it she gets a prize. thats the nice way. my nana used to put hot sauce on my sister's thumb and made her suck it so she wouldnt want to but thats the mean way ur choice

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