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Okay ladies I been a stay at home mom for since I was 5 months pregnant with my 3rd child she is now 14 months old I also have a 3 year old son who is home all day and a 6 year old who goes to school my thing is I feel like I clean all day to get nowhere with these two home and mother in law is always judging my house when she comes over I do the best I can with two Lil ones at home all day but she always complains any advice


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Don't clean in the morning because the little ones will just mess it up again. The only rooms I clean before 4pm are the "off limits rooms" which are rooms that we don't use during the day and have doors that I can close on them. I usually set a timer for 15 minutes and spend the entire 15 minutes in a room cleaning--you'd be surprised how much you can do in 15 minutes if you focus on one room instead of a whole house. Then I close the door and we don't go back into that room for the rest of the day (usually the bedrooms and one bathroom)
We live in the den, kitchen, & dining rooms, so I wait until just before dh comes home to clean those. I clean the kitchen right after I use it for afternoon snack because I know I won't use it again until dinner, that way dh comes home to a clean kitchen, and if anyone stops by, they see a clean kitchen too. I empty the dishwasher while I make breakfast, so during the day I just put dirty dishes into the dishwasher, so at "cleaning time" all I really have to do is wipe down the surfaces and mop the floor.
I keep two large baskets for toys in the livingroom. When it's time to pick up, it only takes a second for J to toss his toys into the basket before I vacuum. Vacuuming is the LAST thing I do. We have always had a "One Toy At A Time" rule in our home (some toys do have lots of pieces though, like Imaginex--I let him play with lots of those at once, he just has to pick them up when he's done). If J has more than one toy out at the same time, he has to stop what he is doing and put one of the toys away. If it happens more than once in a day, one of the toys gets donated to charity. He had the rule down before he was 2 years old. This way, I'm not constantly picking up toys no one is playing with.

Last but not least, make sure you have a place for clutter--create a space for mail, bills, school papers, etc. where you can put them in order and out of sight. Nothing screams disorganized like a pile of papers on the kitchen counter. I keep a photobox on a bookcase in our living room for school artwork & such I want to keep for J. I have a 4 pocket wall sorter for important school papers, sports papers, bills, and "to be sorted" stuff. Beside that are hooks for purses, book bags, jackets, etc. and on the floor is a basket for shoes. It takes care of all the "stuff" that gets brought in and dropped by the door without looking messy.

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