Just about fed up with this forum.

Leisel - posted on 12/13/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have quite enjoyed this forum, and have learnt a lot, but I am almost ready to leave. Why? People.

A most recent admin message, warned people about taking advice from other Mums when they should be seeing their doctor instead.

1. Why does the forum exist then if not for advice and a general sharing of ideas and

2. Is it necessary to imply that some mothers here are idiots?

Then there are the people who think that it is acceptable for them to give advice but will not accept that others, in the world (and we need to remember that this is a world-wide forum) have different opinions, and so make malicious comments.

Come on girl's (and anytguys out there) lets share not judge.


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Lindsey - posted on 12/14/2009




I think the true purpose of this is to help people who have a lot of questions. Lets face it, most of us get rushed out of our Dr's office before we even get a chance to remember the questions we had to ask. Also, it's nice to hear other stories and find out things are normal and not a huge concern before we get paranoid and drive our Dr's crazy! I understand your frustration completely! On the other hand- I think it's necessary to acknowledge that although we are all mothers with our own oppinions and experiences, we are not all Drs. For the serious conditions, it is important to get a Dr's opinion and not rely on the internet for answers.

Also- people need to realize no question is a dumb question! People are posting on here becuase they value the opinion and support of other Moms! I agree that this is a place where people should feel safe and not be attacked or judged. We ALL have different ideas and experiences about parenting and pregnancy, etc. Naturally we are all passionate about our beliefs and want to share our knowledge with other people. We have to learn to take it for what it is, take the advice we agree with and feel comfortable with and brush off the opinions we disagree with.

Sorry you're feeling the way you do. It can be irritating. I read some things that are just down right rude!!! And it's hard to not go out and have discussions with each person about how we don't treat people that way. So- hopefully you can find groups that relate better with your lifestyle and parenting choice, or start your own group! And the people who feel the need to directly insult other Moms can calm down and see the bigger picture of what this site offers. Best of luck to you!

Renae - posted on 12/14/2009




I think perhaps admin are just concerned that people might take medical advice for gospel when the person offering the advice may or may not know what they are talking about. You never know, maybe something has happened that prompted admin to post that, maybe someone took some bad advice and is trying to blame the forum.

I personally try to offer information that is generally accepted as accurate by the medical and psychological fields. I have a background in psychology so I usually post on the normal range for reaching milestones and sleep training techniques. I would like a dollar for every time I said "the normal range for crawling is 6 to 10 months" LOL!

Where I do give a personal opinion I say that it is only my opinion, but most of the time I post on topics I know something about.

Someone recently accused me of posting incorrect information and said that they hate it when people post if they do not know what they are talking about. I was highly offended, what I posted was accurate, the person is yet to respond to me to explain why they think I was wrong. I have seen a lot of inaccurate information on here but I don't pounce on them and I personally think there is more good advice and support than there is wrong information.

All said though, I do agree with you, I would like to think people have the common sense not to listen to some stranger on the internet when it comes to their child's health and wellbeing.

Linda - posted on 12/13/2009




First of all, it's hard to write with words the emotions you feel. Sometimes when we read something we read it with a different understanding than how it was written, so misunderstandings develop. Also, I've seen people who ask questions and want advice but give very little information about their child or the situation. We as moms try to respond the best way we can, but without knowing all the facts it is hard to know if we are giving the best advice for the situation. The moderators are giving moms good advice here. It is always important to check with your pediatrician when it comes to the health and welfare of your child. You can get lots of different ideas from moms here and put it together with other information and then decide if it is necessary to follow up with a doctor. But as administrators (sort of responsible here) it is important for them to at least tell moms that they should be careful with the advice they are getting. No one was implying us moms are idiots. I would stay around awhile and give it a chance.

Laura - posted on 12/13/2009




I don't think that they are assuming us all dumb, but let face reality here. For some people you really must "spell everything out" for them, sometimes because they are very young, sometimes because they have a mental handicap, etc...etc. We cannot assume that everyone knows when to talk to a doctor and it is fine to take advice but you must use good judgement, not everyone has that. The administrators are simply playing it "safe" so that everyone is covered. They do not do it with the intention of assulting anyone. And if you watch the news these days so many parents use really poor judgement with their children unfortunately.

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