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Takala - posted on 01/08/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




I may have over reacted about this situation but, this is hat happened. Last night my 20 month baby and five year old son was playing in the floor and my daughter was in the kitchen banging her feet on the floor just playing and being happy. We live in an upstairs apartment and the family under us has a one year old boy and a newborn daughter. The child's granddad used something to bang on his ceiling wich is our floor and then he came up to our apartment with an attitude asking if we can quiet down because they have a newborn that is trying to sleep. I told him that I have two children that are playing and not making that much noise but sorry. This is the second time this has happened because the first time they called up to the office on us because my daughter woke up in the night banking her feet on the bottom of her pack and play and woke them up. I think they need to understand that when you live in an apartment and you are downstairs and you have a family above you and you say you understand children make noise then what is the huge problem? Like I said, I may just be putting to much in to this but I have two children and one on the way and I know that a newborn can sleep threw just about anything. It's not like it is a bunch of adults having a party and making a lot of noise for them to complain about. Kids are going to be kids and they can't be mice because of someone else.


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Michelle - posted on 01/09/2017




I agree with Dove, you also need to be teaching your children not to be banging around. You said that your daughter was sitting there purposefully banging her feet on the floor. That's something you should have stopped her doing. She can play and be happy without banging her feet and annoying the people below you.
I have lived in an apartment (not with children though) and was always mindful not to make too much noise for the people underneath.

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