Just really need to vent.

Karen - posted on 05/21/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My husband and I had the chance to get really cheap tickets to a nascar show wich I had never been to and heard it's a lot of fun. Well he said he would never go because he couldn't stand sitting there watching a bunch of cars go around in a circle all day. I had begged him several times as we have a friend who would give us free tickets. But still no. At his work they had a drawing for a Nascar race in Charlotte (7hrs away) and he put in for it. Knowing he could only get 1 ticket and we can't afford another 1 for me. All of his friends won and his name is being put in with 7 others for a chance to win. They have 5 tickets left to give away. so he is most likely going to get it. I am stuck at home all the time with the kids. No car, no money ect. All my friends gave up on trying to hang out with me because since I've had the kids, i can't go anywhere without them. Only 1 friend left and she is in the same boat and we live too far away for her to afford to visit. He is always getting invited to go somewhere by his friends and I'm left out. He told them for years that we can't get a sitter but we can. So they figure I have to stay home and don't even bother asking if I can come. The guys go every year fishing for 3-4 days in New york and I don't even get to drive down to the store (1 mile away) by myself more than 1 every 3-4 months. It's depressing. i've had other friends invite me to the beach, babyshowers, weddings, reunions ect. And the answer is always no unles he has something else to do and I can take the kids, and I will be back in 3hrs or less. Maybe it's my fault that I created some trust issues when i was a teen w/him. I told him I quit smoking and did try very hard but failed. i also cheated on him the day after we met (i had no idea if he even liked me), He's mad about the lying. But for the past 8yrs. i have been honest with him and feel that my punishement should be over with by now. I don't think I did anything to deserve a whole lifetime of being sheltered. He treats me well otherwise. i'm happy with him besides this. I'm even fine with him going out after work cus he's only gone for an hr. or 2. but when he gets these trips for days It's hard to keep from being mad the whole weekend. It's not fair to the kids and I try to lighten up but it just feels so unfair. Sorry it's so long but I'm sure there are lots of you who know how I feel. We haven't even had a date night in 5 months. this is just too hard to just suck up.



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