Just wondering what a typical day is for mamas and toddler My son is 18 months old

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Just looking for new fun and creative things to do with my 18 month old


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I also have an 18 month old son:) We have been stuck inside a lot this winter and it has been driving me crazy! However, I brought his little tikes slide inside, and his radio flyer car...so he still can continue some of the same activities indoors (even bubbles).

He loves his Magnadoodle, Mega Bloks, toy cars/trains, Playdough, etc.

One day I got him small bath toys that move fast through the water when you pull on their string ( Waterbugs by Grananimals at Walmart for $4.50). I filled a casserole dish with some water and sat it on a towel on the floor so it was similar to a water table and we watched the toys dart around the water. It was fun for about 5 minutes, then he was over it...so typical:)

I googled "indoor activities for toddlers" and found some cute things, but of course, when I tried them with my son, he didn't care for any of it! For example: Playing with magnets on a cookie sheet
Spraying shaving cream in a cookie sheet so he can spread it around/feel it for the tactile experience
Tape masking tape on coffee table so he can pull it off (I was willing to do this because my coffee table is already junky....the tape did pull a little of the finishing off in one spot, so be careful if you like your table...or use a baking sheet)
Throw a bunch of pillows on floor so he can roll around on them
Tie yarn around a beach ball and hang it in a doorway for him to hit with a toy bat, or his hand.
Instead of coloring in a book, tape paper to cover the entire table top and enjoy coloring on a large surface.

However, my new favorite thing to do is to go online to the library websites and check out their calendar of events. Last week was the first time I took him to a toddler "open play" and he loved it! They had it in a separate room in the library...the room was filled with newer toys and lots of kids and their moms! My son loved being around kids his age, and I loved getting out of the house...such a great way to meet people! I ended up signing him up for a music and movement class at a different library, and again, he had so much fun just seeing other kids!

Now I am hooked on the library! Best of all, it's FREE:) I have always heard about the library having different things for kids, but I never took him because they are always between 10 & 10:30am by me....and that was a nap time for him. But now that he naps later, it's perfect. I am now able to get him out of the house 2-3 times a week by signing up for cute things at libraries that are close to me.

So if you are looking for activities to do inside, there are cute ideas online....just look up "indoor activities for toddlers." If you are looking to get out of the house, check out local libraries for free. If you are looking to get out, and don't mind paying, look into Gymboree (you can print out a free day pass online so you can see if your son likes it before signing him up and paying.....I plan on doing the free pass one day soon....looks like lots of fun for kids!).

Jillian - posted on 01/29/2014




My typical day with all my kids goes like this;
First I wake up at 6:30am and give my baby his first feeding. Then I get my 13 and 8yr old ready for school. I drop them off then take my baby and 4yr old back home, get them bundled up and take them either outside to play or on a walk. Then I get my 4yr old ready for pre school, grab a bottle. Then after we drop her off we run around, stop at home for lunch, then run more arons. By then it is time to pick up everyone so we do. Then home we go. We have snacks, do homework, and do chores. Then my hubby comes back home and we have dinner. Then we do family stuff(walks, Christmas lights touring, board games, and other stuff). Then bedtime. This is not everything but all that I could list. It isn't always that exciting but it is a day.

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