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I have a 5 year old who no matter what you say to her she still does what she wants when she wants no matter what. I have tried being nice by explaining to her that's not how it works. I've tried threatning to take things away. I have taken things away. I've tried time outs, grounding. I've done the trick of washing her mouth out with soap. The newest one is the threat of tobasco sauce small dose. What can I do for her to understand and follow directions and rules?


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Dale - posted on 09/15/2009




i agree that the occasional spank as a last resort, when she does something really bad can be helpful, each time you discipline her talk to her about it but get her to tell you what she's done wrong because children sometimes stop listening to negatives like when they're getting told off and sometimes don't actually know what they've done wrong, also give her high praise when she behaves properly so she knows when she's doing the right thing

Kelly - posted on 09/15/2009




I know how you feel believe me. My 4 yr old daughter is the same way. I have a reward system set up for her on the fridge. When she helps around the house or plays particularly well with her baby brother she gets a colorful gem glued to her reward board. When she earns so many she gets a reward. Sometimes its one on one outings to the zoo or sometimes its a toy. If she does not listen or misbehaves she looses a gem. Hope maybe that will help.

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I have a friend with a six year old and another with a 5 year old...The 6yr old is well behaved, his mom spanks him as a last resort and it works!!! The 5yr old does not get spanked, at all...It seems like every week when I talk to his mom the problems keep multiplying... I personally understand not wanting to spank our children, it is truely heartbreaking... I spoke up about spanking b/c I noticed you didn't menchine that in your post... You can spank your child, it will not hurt them...My husband and I do spank our children when needed but we do it out of love, we don't want them to grow up with the lack of discepline that so many children are going into the world w/o....Talk to your husband and discuss this, use it as a last resort...I know we all love our children, but when nothing else works we have to find what will work..I hope this helps, my friends I menchined above are both great moms and have wonderful children, it is just very obvious between them which mom means business when she tells her son to stop or straighten up, the mom with the 6 yr old, says it once....

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