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Hello. My son is 10 months old and I have only been away from him for 3 or 4 hours at a time. In a little over a week, my husband and I will be leaving him with my parents for the weekend. We've slowly started the weaning process two months ago onto formula, so I know he'll take a bottle of formula. He still breastfeeds about 4 times a day though, especially when falling asleep for naps or for the night (but sleeps throughout the night as well). I haven't pumped in four months or so (when he was exclusively breastfed, he ate so much I could rarely pump anyway), so I know I won't be able to pump enough for him to have for the whole weekend. Is it a good idea to leave him the whole weekend when he is still breastfeeding? Is it a good for him to be exclusively on formula and solids for the whole weekend? When I come back, will he be totally weaned from breast milk?


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1. It is ok to leave him for the weekend on just solids and formula. Babies live on flormula and solids all the time.
2. Just expect him to want to nurse when you get back and to be VERy cranky. Most babies will cry and just "be mad" for a while. Its their way of "punishing you" It will pass after a few hours, or by the next morning. (Just went through this with my 6 month old when I left him for the first time for 6 hours a few weeks ago)
3. He could be totally weaned if you and him want him to be. Some babies dont want to nurse after having a bottle for more then one day. Its easier for them to drink. But since you nurse him so often still I'd think he would want it.
I'd say prepare for the worse, and hope for the best on the nursing. Make sure you pump while you are away just in case he does still want it and that way you wont feel horriable. You will be fine. It gets alot easier to leave them as they get older. My first I hated to leave, and now shes 4 and I still miss her alot, but its nice to be able to have a break. last week she went away for 5 days for the first time and I thought I would go crazy. Good luck and remember he is in good hands, your parents did well enough with you for you to fully trust them with your child like this! I hope this helps some.

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