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Rachael - posted on 01/21/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




hi mums,

i have a 21mnth old daughter who iam potty training. she hasnt actually done wee or poo in the toilet yet but she will say 'wee mum' and we will run to the toilet. she will take her nappy off and sit on it for a while with no result. when i try to put her nappy and pants back on she will throw a tantrum and refuse to let me. its summer here and 30 degree days but im just not keen on having my little girl run round in the nude all day. has anyone had this or is having this same issue? its the same when she has a bath is a struggle to get her to put her clothes on. she will run away and sream bloody murder. she is at this very moment asleep in the nude im hoping she dosent have an accident. please help!!


Tamara - posted on 01/21/2010




take charge but in a nice way. let her have her tantrums put her clothes back on. and at lease once a day let her have her moment with no clothes. but keep a nappy on her. its good that she shows interst in the potty. or what you could do is let her use the potty after every meal and let her sit there until she goes or for about 30mins and if she made something let her have her moments with no colthes for about an hour or what ever time. and being that she wants to sleep nude let her know until she uses potty she has to wear clothes so it would be "use potty then i have no clothes on" to her

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