Living with a husband on night shift?

Tiffany - posted on 08/29/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hey ladies, I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my first. We just moved to a new town (Nashville, TN) and my husband started a new job, he will be working the night shift from 8pm-5am, in addition to going to college (he has blended classes where he goes on campus twice a week, and does all his assignments online).
So I am wondering how can I prepare for this new change? I have not met anyone in the area yet, so I have no friends, and now I won't have my husband in the day like I am used to, so I fear this will make me depressed.
I would love to find something I can do during the day to help keep me sane, something that doesn't cost much money because we are TIGHT with only him working. I would love to work, but I am not interested in selling anything so that takes just about everything off the table.
Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to help make the time with my husband while he is awake more valuable? Make the transition easier?


E'Tillunte - posted on 08/29/2013




have a special time or day at least once a week where you guys talk, eat and just enjoy each other company where there is no distractions. also with you being home alone in the daytime you could read some books, take some time for yourself before the baby comes, maybe find a hobby, find something that you are interesting in doing.


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Kim - posted on 09/03/2013




My husband works night shift too. Make every moment count, and definitely keep each others emotions in mind. It will be hard on you both, especially when you have to wait patiently while he sleeps in the day. I have to remind myself that he isn't being lazy or difficult, it is just his bedtime. Have you given any thought to adapting to his schedual too?

Start a scrap book or journal about your pregnancy, maybe. I did that with my first, if you get crafty it is very cheap and a lot of fun. I also hand made a lot of my son's wall decorations before he was born. I don't blame you for not wanting to sell things, I worked retail when pregnant with my first. Way too many stressful customers out there.

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