Lonley now my youngest has started school

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Hiya girls, I have been a sahm for a 5 years, and now my youngest is at school full time. I get so lonely throughout the day. I have and excercise class in the morning except a thur when i go to weight watcher meetin and help out so that takes up the whole morning. I meet a friend once a week for coffee. but the rest of the time i just feel lonley.... I know I shouldnt as i do have my 3 classes for 1 hour but i go to these alone, and i go for a walk on my own, and spend most of my time on my own. Im not good at being alone, is there any tips for being more at ease being in the house all the time??

I like coming on here, been on for a few weeks now, but i think a lot of the people on here are in a different time zone lol, it si 6.50am here. lol xxx


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Oh, one other thing....Put some music on while you are home alone. It makes the house seem less vacant. I got a little dock for my ipod and I LOVE it--best $50 I've ever spent. So much easier than fishing through CD's and I get a more random mix to keep my mind occupied (and off of missing J).

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I went through the same thing when J (my only) started school, but I've found things to keep me busy, and now I'm so busy that I actually cherish my time alone! lol.

I volunteer at the school Regularly: Thursdays I go wrap muffins for an hour (they sell them on Friday mornings, but I don't help with that). This is fun because it's just sitting at a table with 8 other moms chatting while we wrap muffins. Gives me some adult chit chat.

I do SEEDS one Friday a month, which is an early readers program the school has in place, so I get to see my boy "in his element" so to speak.

I also work the publishing center, but that is rather solitary.

In addition to volunteering at school, I volunteer in my community.

I organize the "Walk for the Homeless" every year, which puts me in touch with a wide variety of people.

I am currently working to put a program in place helping homeless mothers get jobs.

I organize a black tie gala every year to benefit our homeless community--this a lot of fun for me because I love decorating, food, and planning, then to top it off, I love getting all dressed up in my evening gown and enjoying the party.

I also help to organize a silent auction for our Children's museum every year.

At Christmas, we throw a Christmas Tree ornament party at our local nursing home. J and my husband get involved with this as well, but I do a lot of the planning while J is at school so that I'm ready for his help when he gets home.

Besides volunteering, I also go to a book club (sounds dorky, but actually a lot of fun), and like you, exercise classes. I have lunch with friends and go shopping about twice a week, and I try to spend at least part of one day at home cleaning up so that I don't have to do it while J is there--that way I can spend all the time he is home with him :)


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What about helping out at the school?

I know the school my kids go to they love having parents helpers for reading and maths etc.

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