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Leilani - posted on 01/10/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




I have a very tiny soon-to-be-four-year-old and I need to get her out of her car seat and into a booster. She weighs about 26 lbs & is 37 1/2" tall - anyone out there have a booster they love which would work with a "tiny" child? I'd rather buy one on a recommendation. Thanks!


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My son uses the Graco Nautilus. It was perfect for us. Like your daughter, my son was way too small for a booster when he outgrew his convertible car seat. The Nautilus uses a 5 point harness up to 65lbs and then turns into a high-back belt positioning seat up to 100lbs, so he will never out grow it :)

He is 6 years old now and weighs 37lbs (I know, tiny), and he is only on the second set of shoulder harness slots. He can move up 2 more slots in the harness before having to step down to the belt positioning. Remember every step down from a harness is a step down in safety, so it is best to keep them harnessed for as long as possible.

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Hey there! I am a carseat tech and would love to help you! My almost 4 year old daugher (she will be 4 in March) is the same way, she is 28 pounds! Your daughter still needs to be in a harness until she is at least 30 pounds, which in then you can put her in a booster with the seatbelt. Although it is better to keep her in the harness until she is 40 pounds. For my daughter we have the Graco Natilus. The harness is for 20-65 pounds, then you can take the harness out and use as a belt positioning booster from 30-100 pounds and then you can take the back off of it and use it as a backless booster for 40-100 pounds. And its a very inexpensive seat for the quality and use you get out of it! But she really shouldn't be in booster that you use with a seatbelt until she is at least 30 pounds.

Oh, and sorry to tell you Dawn, but the stores can't sell illegal carseats. And there isn't a such thing as illegal carseats, it may have been recalled, but a police officer wouldnt know that just by looking at it, he would have to get the model number and date off of it first. And stores take the recalled seats off the shelf, they are not allowed to sell them!


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Crystal - posted on 01/28/2011




if at all posssible i would keep her harnessed she is to small for a booster and although soon may meet the requierments of one it isn't as safe i have heard many stories of kids gettting thrown of the seat belt or sliding under it during a crash because although the seat said they fit they were just to small good luck

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I have two Graco Cargo's for my older daughters. They still have the harnesses on them because they're still so little (they're almost 3 and almost 4 and 25 and 28 pounds. I have no idea how tall they are.. just average for their weight I guess), but the seat does become a belt-positioning booster seat for when they're bigger. I think the seats I have can hold my kids until they reach 100 pounds... which won't be until they start driving, so I think we're okay there. :)

Michelle - posted on 01/20/2009




I think that the ones with high backs are the best. They have the seatbelt slots to slide the belt in diffrent positions so they are not on your childs neck. they make some that look like carseats and some with backs that look like boster seats. my child was not tiny so i started out with the one that looked like a boster with a removeable back. then later removed the back when she was bigger. where i live in va. they have to be in one till they are 8. i hope this helped some.

Tricia - posted on 01/11/2009




Another place you can check is with your public health nurse. You may need to purchase them but they are alot cheaper than purchasing at the store and they will even put it in the car for you. At least they do in my area. I was also told that there is a new law that doesn't necessarily go by height anymore it's weight. I have a friend who's daughter is in kindergarden and doesn't weigh enough to be put in a booster seat yet.

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