Looking for Gardening Mamas and Moms who raise chicks!

Elizabeth - posted on 02/17/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




So being a SAHM is full of cooking, cleaning, etc, but also the opportunity to do more homesteading activities than moms who might work. There have been several posts about how to save money in this economy and most responses deal with couponing and people who talk about gardening.

I'd love this thread to spark interest in home steading, self-sufficiency and help teach people who wouldn't otherwise consider it that by doing it right, you can actually save money and live better (without going to wal mart (insert mild laughter here)). By tweaking time management and spending only 10 minutes a day on chickens or gardening, more people could actually have more than enough time to save hundreds of dollars a year!

Are there any moms out there who have gardens, chickens and other homesteading projects they do regularly to save money? (i.e. soap making, candle making, canning, etc).

How do you:

1. Make it so the garden, project or coop actually SAVES you money? (i.e. most people don't realize that start up costs + maintenance actually = more expensive).

2. Do you have pictures, tips or tricks on how you do it?

3. How do you manage time with your projects while pregnant or chasing at home toddlers or babies?

4. How did you start up your projects? How would you advise others to do it least expensively?

5. If raising chickens, do you sell your eggs? If you do, how?

6. If raising chickens, did you build a coop or buy? How did you do it least expensively?

Post away, ladies! And in the next few weeks, would anyone be interested in a great Garden-pff where we share blogs, pictures and projects of just how to do this? Thanks!


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Elfrieda - posted on 02/26/2013




I haven't found our garden saves us money yet, but last year we made raised beds (pricey!) and had wonderful success with what we grew. We're still using the onions from the garden and it's almost spring! So if each year it continues like that and we preserve what we grow, I think we will save money in the long run. In the meantime, everything tastes better because it's fresh and I know what I'm eating, don't have to worry about poisons on the strawberries, etc.

For canning, I usually get together with another person. Our children play together (or at least that's the plan!) and we make salsa, can peaches, etc.

For things like freezing peas, I just shelled the peas into a container and put in the freezer. Pretty much every day, I'd go out before breakfast and pick some peas, then shell them while my slow-eating son finished his toast.

Julieth - posted on 02/24/2013




I am so happy to read you! I am a SAHM and am raisin Chickens/hens and a pig now and also doing gardening, I am very new on all this of being a little "farmer" so still have lots to learn.

It would be so nice to know other mothers who are doing the same.

We bought this home and needed to do some remodeling so I took advantage of that labor and ask them to build an inexpensive chicken coop, It was done on cheap peaces of wood and since I have crazy predators (my dogs) we build a very big fence that allows them to move almost as if they were free range but protect them from my dogs. After I learned a bit on how to take care of the hens I ask my brother in law to help me building a little coop for chickens with the left over wood and some tiling that was being not use around here, I divided the space so my hens and chickens are able to walk free but safe.

Right now I own 8 hens, 10 chickens and couple days ago bought 14 chicks that are doing well so far.
I do NOT sell my chickens but I haven't buy any on the supermarket for several months now and it feels sooooo good! :)

I do not have the intention to sell my eggs but a few times I have had people who wants to buy them so I won't say no!.

I have an almost 4yrs old daughter so what I do is that I wake up 20min. earlier in the morning and go and feed my animals before start the getting ready for school routing, in the afternoon She always comes and help me collecting the eggs and checking they have enough water and food and she loves it, often bring them some "presents" little pieces of grass or a bit of lettuce from the garden, which we usually have extra.

I do not have a lot of pics of experience but I would love to share and learn from other mommies who are interested in this.


Elizabeth - posted on 02/21/2013




Does no one garden to save money? There were so many people chiming in on other threads about how gardening is the way to go, but no gardeners have found this thread?

Cleaver - posted on 02/17/2013




good idea my husbands family is building a commune and i want to start gardening a good chunk of our food and raising chickens mostly because i dont want to go back to work and i do want to help out

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