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Barbara - posted on 03/25/2010




they do still like to decorate their own cupcakes

they like make-your-own ice cream sundaes

doing each other's nails - you can get inexpensive supplies at Dollar Tree

anything crafty - decorating inexpensive canvas bags, hats, flip-flops, t-shirts; craft stores have these things cheap; sometimes you can even get t-shirts for $1 and then some containers of fabric paint for them to decorate

you can get an inexpensive kit for scrapbooking, or making jewelry with beads and elastic - those things end up being pretty budget-friendly, too

Brianna - posted on 03/25/2010




I just googled and this is what I found. Not sure where you live so don't know what the weather is like. Hope these help you and your daughter have some fun!

Outdoor Party Games for Kids

Well, when you are arranging some games for kids, you need to include games that will be full of energy and excitement. Also, remember to acknowledge the winner by giving him an award as kids love to be rewarded for their achievements.

Freeze Dance

Freeze dance, a great game and that requires no special arrangements, other than some wild music! Just play on the music and let all the kids dance on it. Suddenly stop the music and at that moment everyone should freeze at their places. Anyone showing any movement exits out of the game. The last one to remain is the winner.

Jumping Rope Relay

You will require a couple of jump ropes for this game. Set up two teams and mark the boundaries for the race. The first two players start jumping the ropes while moving towards the boundary and come back. Once the first player is back, the second should start running. this goes on till all the players are done. The first team to finish the task, wins.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt is one of the most common and exciting games to be played outdoor. Prepare a list of some items to be hunted in the garden and also give some clues. Hand over this scavenger hunt items list to each team. The team searching the highest number of items, wins.

On the Floor

By the end of 'on the floor' birthday party ideas for 10 year olds, you will know what shoes your child is filling in! Hire a DJ and get all the kids on the floor. The party lovers are absolutely going to be head over heels with this birthday party game. Divide the children in pairs and give them a piece of paper. Every time the DJ stops playing, the pair will have to fold the paper and begin dancing. Folding the paper will continue till the paper becomes it's smallest size. It'll be fun to watch kids tripping and gripping each other to stay on. The winner is the one who manages to stay on the paper. Declare the winner to be a 'Dancing Queen' or the 'Dancing King' at the end of the game. 10 year old birthday party ideas can't get better than this.

Whipped Cream Plates

1. Place whipped cream on plates in front of each guest. Have everyone close her eyes. The party host taps someone, and that person starts as the "murderer." Have everyone open her eyes. The murderer will wink at guests and they in turn have to "die" when getting caught being winked at. Each victim creates a dramatic death scene and smashes her head into the whipped cream. This continues until someone correctly guesses the murderer's identity. That person is the winner. If someone thinks she knows who the murderer is, she raises her hand and then whispers her guess into the host's ear. The host shakes her head if the guess is wrong, or nods if it is right. If correct, the person must yell the murderer's name out loud. But if no one guesses correctly before the murderer kills everyone then the murderer becomes the winner.

Relay Games

2. Set up relay games of any sort. Ten year olds love the thrill of competition and will work hard at racing the clock in anything in order to win.

Video or Photo Scavenger Hunt

3. Send the kids on a scavenger hunt but instead of a traditional scavenger hunt, have them instead take photos of everything on their list or tape record themselves doing each item or task on the list.

Balloon Stomp

4. Blow up a balloon and tie it to a piece of string a foot-and-a-half long. Make one of these for each child participating. Tie the loose end of string to an ankle on each child. On the word "go," the children must try to stomp others' balloons while protecting her own. Once a person's balloon has been stomped, they are out. The last person left with an unstomped balloon wins.

Dress up/beauty parlor

They can play with clothes and make costumes, you can ask them to bring some or go to a thrift store and pick up a few interesting pieces. Costume jewelry is fun too or they can make jewelry out of things around the house. If all parents are okay with it they can even use make-up. Then they can put on a show, fashion show, play, etc. Let them use their imaginations!!

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