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Our 4 year old daughter has had 7 bladder infections since she was 18 months. 3 of which quickly progressed in to kidney infections - the last one landing us in the hospital for a week on IV antibiotics as the antibiotic we were usually prescribed did not work at home. They assumed she had become immune to it. Last week she had a VGUR (?) test done that showed she has one tube to her kidney is letting urine back flow to that kidney. I have yet to meet with her pediatric urologist but have been doing research on my own for VUR and I thought for sure the next step was corrective surgery but I am finding most common treatments are daily antibiotics until it resolves itself and if it doesn't after 12-18 months straight on antibiotics THEN it's surgery time. My husband and I aren't sure how we feel about our DD being on antibiotics for over a year that just doesn't seem like a good idea, how is her immune system supposed to get stronger from other sickness?? I have read that the more kidney infections the more likely she is to get permanent kidney damage. I am wondering if asking for surgery right away would be a better option as I have found research that suggests the antibiotic doesn't help prevent them anyway. Is there any moms out there who have gone through this and what treatment plan worked best for you?? Any information about pros and cons to both treatments would be greatly appreciated. We feel stuck between a rock and a hard place right now.


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My older daughter had that, and she was on preventative antibiotics from 6 months when the detected it, until she was nearly 3. She went in for a VCUG every year, and on the last one showed no more reflux, so we discontinued the medication.

There are different degrees of severity, and my daughter's was moderate, so they went the medication route. Most children do grow out of it. In some cases the valve is malformed enough to require surgery.

As to the immune system, antibiotics will only prevent bacterial infections, so your daughter can still catch things like colds, the flu, and roseola (a fever-and-rash combo children often get wen they're young). I was always a little paranoid when my daughter came down with a fever and no other symptoms that she had a breakthrough infection and had another UTI, but it never happened.

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Although I have not heard of VUR, I thought I might offer some advice from past experiences. It sounds like a series situation that doesn't allow much time to think about treatments. First, take a deep breath and get a second opinion from a specialist even a children's hospital. Research the doctor as well and look for patient reviews on the doctor you will be seeing. What are long term effects after surgery? That is such a delicate area for surgery. Is there a special diet that can help prevent this in the future? Do you know if its primary or secondary? We all have heard that long term antibiotics is not good but what is considered long term? And remember that not all antibiotics treat the same bacteria. There are a lot of questions and a lot of answers. You have the right to seek other opinions and ask as many questions as possible even if its the same one over and over. But most of all, follow your gut instinct. I believe we were given that for a reason.

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